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The Best New Smart Gadgets That Work With Apple HomeKit (So Far)

We’ve rounded up the best new smart devices announced at CES 2019 that work with Apple’s HomeKit.


One of the major themes you’ll see at CES 2019 will be with smart home devices — that means smart lights, smart plugs, smart sensors, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, etc. — and how they’re announcing support for more and more smart ecosystems. Basically, smart devices don’t want to be walled-off or limited by working with only Google Assistant or only Amazon’s Alexa or only Apple’s HomeKit. Of those three major ecosystems, HomeKit might have the most room for improvement.

Apple was the last to release a smart speaker of its own, and it’s still playing catch-up in terms of the number of third-party devices that support HomeKit, but so many people are committed to Apple’s hardware (iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, HomePods) that it makes sense for them to commit to Apple’s ecosystem. If they don’t have to talk to Alexa or Google because they can get the same smart home control through Siri, it probably makes sense for them to do just that.

At this year’s trade show, a bunch of third-party companies have announced new accessories that work with HomeKit. Some are completely new smart devices. Others are just ones that have never supported HomeKit before. (With a new software authentication for HomeKit, Apple recently made it much easier for third-party devices to support HomeKit.) Here are the best new smart home devices that support HomeKit (so far).

Wemo Light Switches and Mini Smart Plug

Wemo announced new light switches and smart plugs with native HomeKit support, meaning you don’t need to update their software before using. The smart light switches allow users to control their home lights from the wall, a phone, or by commanding Siri with your voice. The Wemo Light Switches will be available in single-pole ($40) or 3-way options ($50) this coming spring/summer.

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ConnectSense Smart Outlet

This is a convenient smart plug with two separate outlets that each can be individually controlled, and you can control each with with your voice (“Hey, Siri”), smartphone or by touching the physical buttton on the outlet. The Smart Outlet has a USB port for addittional charging, too.

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Kwikset Premis

The Premis is a touchscreen deadbolt that’s designed for any homeowner who wants extra security. The deadbolt can easily be locked and unlocked using your iPhone or Siri, but with the touchscreen, you can give the code to visitors like house-sitters or dog walkers. The Premis comes in two finishes, satin nickel or venetian bronze, for $229. Kwikset will also release a contemporary style later this year.

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Nanoleaf Canvas

A version of this smart, modular lighting system was announced last year, and the new Nanoleaf Canavas is very similar: it’s consists of light panels that can be arranged, shift, and added to so that you can make it look however you want. But this new model is way cooler because it can react to you and the room around you. It can sync with sync to music in real time, which is great for parties. You can touch certain panels to turn them on and off. And you can create quirky light animations. A starter kit (9 light squares) is available for $248.

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Eve Light Strip

This is a smart strip of LED lights that’s perfect for setting ambient lighting. There are a number of pre-installed lighting scenes that you can choose from, or, via the app, there are nearly infinite ways to customize the lighting colors. Each strip is two meters in length and the LEDs can output 1800 lumens.

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Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This little smart gadget is designed to give homeowners a better idea of what’s going on in their home. It has four sensors, measuring air quality, humidity level, temperature and noise, that collect key data about the home — if there’s an issue with sleep, asthma or just not getting enough sleep, this Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor will help you identify why.

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