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This Is What You Buy When You’re Ready to Upgrade from Sonos

Bowers & Wilkins just announced a bunch of new wireless speakers that are designed to sound exceptional and have the looks to match.


Bowers & Wilkins just announced a bunch of high-end wireless speakers with the looks to match. The Formation series of speakers leverage B&W’s new wireless mesh network technology — dubbed Formation Wireless Technology — that enables them to stream up to 96/24-bit audio; the company claims it has twice the fidelity of other high-end wireless speakers.

There are three primary speakers in B&W’s Formation series. The Wedge is a standalone all-in-one speaker that’s comparable in size to a Sonos Play:5. The Duo is a pair of active powered bookshelf speakers, which are comparable to KEF’s great LS50 Wireless system. The Bar is the company’s immersive soundbar for those looking to build out their home theater system.

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B&W rounded out the Formation series with a subwoofer, the Bass and an analog-to-digital / digital-to-audio converter called the Audio, which can turn your passive speakers or turntable into a wireless system for streaming.

All the speakers and components support AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and Roon. For more information, you can read more about the individual speakers below.

Formation Wedge

The Wedge gets its name from its wedge design. It’s a 120-degree elliptical-shaped speaker that’s meant to be placed in a corner play great stereo sound. It has a five total drivers: two 40-watt tweeters, two 40-watt midrange drivers and an 80-watt integrated subwoofer. Lastly, it’s designed beautifully with a wavy fabric grill and a wooden rear that looks like it was taken right from a Hermes chair.

Buy Now: $899

Formation Duo

The Duo is a pair of active powered speakers takes the carbon dome tweeter from B&W’s 700 series and the Continuum cone driver from its 800 series. If you’re a sucker for stereo sound with incredible soundstage, and are into the look of the company’s super high-end passive speaker, these Duo speakers are for you.

Buy Now: $4,000

Formation Bar

The Bar is a three-channel soundbar has nine performance drivers, three tweeters and six midrange/bass, and is designed to pair perfectly with B&W’s Bass subwoofer. It looks like a larger, more beautiful version of the company’s Zeppelin speaker.

Buy Now: $999

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