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Sonomax Sculpted Eers Headphones

Forget one-size-fits-all


Typically, buying a set of custom molded earbuds from brands like Ultimate Ears (now a subsidiary of Logitech) or Etymotic can take months. That’s because consumers must first visit the Audiologist to have inner-ear molds made, which are then shipped to the headphone company for production.

Sonomax’s Sculpture Eers Custom Molded Headphones ($199+) ship with a unique “SonoFit” system that allows buyers to mold the ear buds at home in under four minutes, for instant bespoke-audio gratification. We know — the thought of injecting medical grade silicone into your ears via a take home kit sounds almost as dubious as starting a land war in Asia, but Sonomax’s system is safe and proven to work, earning them the coveted 2012 CES innovation award for headphones.

Currently, the company offers two tiers of headphones featuring the SonoFit system, including the lower-level single driver PCS 100s ($199) and the dual driver with cross over PCS 200s ($299). At those prices, there are plenty of competing headphones that probably surpass the Sculpted Eers in terms of absolute fidelity. But to the average listener on a budget, the comfort and noise isolating benefits of a truly molded set could even things out. Knowing that your pair won’t fit in other ears that haven’t seen a q-tip in decades is a serious bonus.

Buy Now: PCS 100 $199 | PCS 200 $299

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