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Adam ARTist 5 Monitors

Loud and Studious

Adam Audio

Ask any studio engineer worth his ponytail about Adam speakers, and they will tell you their monitors have populated some of the best recording facilities in the world for years. The reason for this is a passion for forward thinking design and revolutionary use of materials, such as carbon fiber diaphragms and ribbon transducers. While those in the recording industry have benefited from such technology, Adam is now offering their ARTist Series, which is aimed at the discerning home audiophile.

The ARTist 5 (as in 5” speaker) packs much of the technology used in the models designed for high-end studios, including their famous X-ART tweeter and synthetic fiber midwoofer. While that may sound like a foreign language to most, the simple explanation is that every part of the speaker which projects audio is made to reduce resonant frequencies, resulting in an incredibly accurate and full spectrum of sound. Keeping in mind the wide range of devices currently used as audio players (Digital MP3 players, laptops, turntables, etc.) Adam has also equipped the ARTist Series with 4 inputs that include RCA, XLR, mini stereo jack, and USB. This covers nearly any kind of audio device one could put into their hi-fi system, and their compact size is perfect for apartments or even office settings. One listen through a pair of ARTist 5’s and you will kick yourself for disgracing Night Moves through your laptop speakers.

Buy Now: $1,200 (Pair)

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