Schiit LYR Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

Whipping your studio cans into shape


We covered Schiit’s audiophile grade products before, and now rejoice at the release of the extremely powerful LYR Headphone Amplifier. The LYR is a robust, tube-based amplifier with an incredible 6 watts of power, designed to satisfy the gluttonous needs of high impedance studio cans to unlock their full dynamic range. Just in case you aren’t clear on that point, Schiit overtly declines responsibility if you completely fry your headphones because you declined to look at their power ratings (Sabbath, anyone?).

Outside of its sheer power, the LYR can be customized with your choice of tubes for the input stage, which will tweak the colour of the sound to your liking. Its output stage has been redesigned to run cooler too. The “zero-feedback” LYR also boats a 5-year warranty on parts and labor (sans tubes), which is worlds beyond what other audiophile manufacturers typically offer. Take good care of it, and the amp could eventually negate that custom hearing aid purchase that’s looming in your 80s.

Buy Now: $449

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