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Look Ma, no ruler

Need a floor plan? Well, you could mooch off your architect friend, track down the original contractor (good luck), or heaven forbid, grab a tape measure and do it yourself. Or you could just whip out your iOS device and download MagicPlan (Free), a clever augmented reality app from Sensopia, which leverages the camera on your iPhone or iPad to measure rooms and generate accurate floor plans in just a few minutes.

Using the app involves first standing in the middle of a room and lining up the corners of the walls and floors with the 3d guide lines on the display. Once synced, the room’s border is then easily traced by snapping a series of pictures. Don’t worry about moving furniture or cleaning up your clutter, either, since this app can look past your hoarding problem and still do its job.

After scanning the entire room, the app measures all the walls and doors to generate a floor plan. From there, you can move on to map other areas to build on your existing plan, email your current work in a variety of formats, including JPG, PDF, and DXF, or even publish an interactive version on the web (although you’ll need to upgrade to the $5 version for this). Between crushing SimCity and this, you can finally put those dashed dreams of architecture school to bed for good.

Still not make sense? Watch the video of the app in action after the jump.

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