Here’s What’s (Probably) Coming at Apple’s iPhone Event Tomorrow

Apple’s upcoming iPhone event hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we’ve got a good guess what might be on stage thanks to a report from Bloomberg.

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It’s official, Apple will be announcing its new iPhones on September 10th. But even though the event doesn’t kick off until tomorrow pretty good idea of what might be on stage. Reporting from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests the spread will include new iPads, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, noise-cancelling AirPods and a “Pro” line of iPhones as the heir to last year’s XS and XS Max.

The comprehensive report, citing anonymous sources inside Apple, suggests the new Pro iPhones will sport an improved camera cluster as their flagship feature, which will include an additional camera for wide-angle shooting. It would also come with a host of new software-side upgrades to improve features like low-light photo quality and features that will use AI to cleverly create composite shots out of images taken simultaneously but the various cameras. The Pro phones are also rumored to be more water resistant than previous models and sport the ability to wirelessly charge AirPods using their own battery power, while coming with a new processor and looking pretty much the same as last year. The Pro phones reportedly won’t have 5G. At least not this year.

Other assorted predictions include a 16-inch MacBook Pro that will be roughly the size of the traditional 15-inch thanks to smaller bezels, a new iteration of AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation and iPad Pros revamped with many of the same features of the new Pro phones.

We won’t know exactly what Apple has in store until its fall event is over, but the odds these reports are relatively accurate is quite high. Gurman has a long history of beating Apple to the punch and none of these upgrades are particularly outlandish. Come tomorrow, we’ll find out for sure.

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