SimpliSafe Is the New Way to Protect Your Home

With 24/7 professional monitoring at fair prices, SimpliSafe keeps your home safe from intruders, fires, water damage and more.


Whether you own your home or are an apartment renting city-dweller, making sure your space is properly protected is important. While it may be tempting to think the more you spend on home security the more you will get, the truth is you’re paying a high markup. That’s where SimpliSafe comes in. It trimmed the fat from home security. So you get award-winning protection at an honest price. With SimpliSafe, you get protection for every window, room and door against intruders, fires, water damage and more. The base station, motion sensor and the three entry sensors that come with the SimpliSafe Essential Package are all monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch emergency services if the need arises. We took a look at what makes SimpliSafe so great and worthy of being the first line of defense in your home.


1. With SimpliSafe, help is there faster: When there’s a break-in, SimpliSafe’s alarms receive the highest priority on police dispatch, because its security specialists use video to provide real, eyewitness data to the police department. That results in up to 350% faster dispatch and more crimes stopped — so you stay safe.

2. Comprehensive and adaptive: It’s got a motion sensor to catch anyone walking through your main hallway and entry sensors to cover all the entry points of your home. The Essential Package comes with three sensors, but you can customize your system with additional components that can keep your house protected.

3. Easily affordable: Unlike traditional home security that may try to lock you into a five-year contract, there is no contract with SimpliSafe and it costs as little at 50 cents a day. With SimpliSafe, you are getting more for a whole lot less — and between now and Cyber Monday you can even get 25% off and a free HD security camera to add to your system — which can be used for video verification with the SimpliSafe system.

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