Fixing the bad kind of flashy


The iMac’s design is unquestionably stunning, but it’s hard to marvel too long at a screen that’s burning your corneas with glare. The MacFrame ($49+) protects you from needing your grandma’s glaucoma shades while you surf the web. Luckily, glare is actually caused by the screen’s glass cover and not the glass LCD monitor screen itself, so the fix is an easy one.

Just pull off the iMac’s current magnetized glossy cover with the provided suction cup — it’s safer and easier than it sounds — and replace it with the MacFrame. The frame adheres to the same magnets as the previous cover and looks just as sharp as the original Apple design. The frames comes in 21.5″ and 27″ sizes for iMacs made since 2009 and includes appropriate windows for iChat cameras and LEDs. Once it’s installed, the only glares you’ll need to worry about will come from your better half, when she finds your special “PRIVATE USE” folder.

Buy Now: 21.5″ $49 | 27″ $59

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