Audyssey Wireless Speakers



Looking back on the past twenty years, we’ve made some pretty big strides when it comes to consumer technologies. But with all these advancements, why are we still listening to music through the same speaker wire our dads used?

Up until now, the only way to get decent sound quality was through being hardwired; yes, wireless speaker technology has been out for some time, but the tradeoff for that sonic freedom has always been terrible fidelity. Fed up with being stuck in the past, the Audyssey Wireless Speakers ($300) attempt to change all that. Made by the same guys that bring the boom to professional recording studios, high-end autos and IMAX theaters, the speakers are Bluetooth powered to not only limit latency issues, but also put the hi-fi into wireless sound. Each set of muted white speakers are equipped with two 3/4” tweeters, two 3” woofers, and two 4” passive bass radiators. What does all that audiophile mumbo jumbo mean? It means that the future of wireless desktop sound may finally be here.

Buy Now: $300

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