Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

A Plant Tracker To Root For

For obsessive but absent-minded tech geeks whose thumbs are jonesin’ to go green, the Flower Power app by Parrot is the perfect gardener on the cheap. Using a wireless bio-dongle — a kitschy divining-rod-shaped device that plugs into the soil next to your budding buddy — the app monitors plants’ stats in real time. Data is pushed to an iOS app via Bluetooth so you can baby your Baby’s Breath at a moment’s notice. Flower Power’s library of over 6,000 plants is easily searchable — by leaf, color, etc. — allowing even the greenest horticulturist easy, plug-and-photosynthesize capability.

Flower Power updates its data every fifteen minutes, so users can keep an eye on water levels, temperature, sunlight intake and salinity on their mobile device or tablet. More urgent matters are communicated with flashing red icons, and all the information is aggregated in a user-friendly graph format. For perennial planners, Flower Power will also create a to-do list, ensuring that nary a watering will be missed. At this point in time, the app has been cultivated only for iOS devices (with no price tag yet), though future cross-pollination is possible.

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