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Just in Case: A Survey of Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

There’s no denying the Samsung Galaxy S4’s universal mass appeal. Dynamic functionality combined with surreal processing power make it by far the most dominant smartphone ever built.


There’s no denying the Samsung Galaxy S4’s universal mass appeal. Dynamic functionality combined with surreal processing power make it by far the most dominant smartphone ever built. But truth be told, all that badass technology isn’t enough to masquerade the handset’s cheap and conservative design. Think we’re being too harsh? Google the top GS4 reviews and you’ll see nearly every major mobile critic shares the same sentiments.

Sammy’s decision to don the next-gen Galaxy with a plastic rear cover left a bad impression on consumers from the git-go. And with recent damage tests and teardown reports suggesting the GS4 is more fragile than the iPhone 5, it’s only wise to invest in an insurance policy after spending serious coin on such a device.

When it comes to mobile safeguards, the iPhone remains king in terms of selection. However, thanks to the record-breaking sales of the Galaxy S3, case makers from across the globe have taken aim at Samsung’s flagship product. So whether you seek extra power, rugged protection, or simple style, know there’s something out there for you. You’re only spoiled for choice. We narrow down the field to 30 or so.

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Elago G5 Breathe for Samsung Galaxy S4

This hardshell is ultra lightweight for a slim profile and no added heft; its material is eco-friendly, so no bad conscience is necessary.

Buy Now: $10

BoxWave Minimus True Bamboo Minimus Galaxy S4 Case

The BoxWave’s bamboo back and rubberized edges with a SmoothTexture finish are natural-looking combo for nurturing your phone.

Buy Now: $13

PureGear DualTek Extreme Shock Galaxy S4 Case

PureGear’s recent offering meshes flexibility and strength into a fashionably compact cover that delivers ergonomic grip and manages shock absorption by isolating vibration — fastening the device in place upon impact and securing the device’s exterior.

Buy Now: $13

i-Blason Transformer Prime Dual Layer Holster Galaxy S4 Case

Turn your GS4 into a mobile Decepticon. The Transformer Prime incorporates a firm inner enclosure made from impact-resistant polycarbonate that’s accompanied by a double-enforced inner sleeve and double-silicone corners. It also boasts a rotatable swivel holster clip and kickstand.

Buy Now: $14

Samsung S-View Flip Cover Folio

Sammy’s official cover complements the GS4’s ultramodern features by providing similar non-touch capabilities like swiping a hand across the plastic panel to answer/ignore calls and control media playback. Plus, it wakes up the phone automatically when the folio’s opened.

Buy Now: $17

Phocket Dotted Anthracite Felt Sleeve for Samsung Galaxy S4

This handmade felt sleeve vies for spot on our list in terms of looks. A tight fit ensures you’re phone won’t slip out, but its biggest boon is its slightly unorthodox design, which places a series of colored dots on front and center.

Buy Now: $17

Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series for Samsung Galaxy S4

Fortified corner bumpers, strong grip control, and three-layered drop protection guarantee a damage-free phone and a happy you.

Buy Now: $18

Belkin Slim-Fit Armband for Samsung Galaxy S4

With the smartphone becoming today’s iPod, fitness freaks request a special safeguard that lets them run and bump jams on the fly. The Slim-Fit Armband straps securely on your bicep and brandishes a cord storage area to keep wires concealed during exercises.

Buy Now: $21

UAG Aero Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

An armor-shelled cover with featherweight dimensions, UAG’s chassis dons scratch-resistant skid pads, and it carries the distinction of producing glare-free flash photos without compromising image quality via sharp-cut camera cutout.

Buy Now: $22

Spigen S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Assembled to highlight the curves the GS4, the Neo Hybrid is a two-part case that poses a trendy look and relies on grade-A TPU material for additional shielding. Feel free to deck it out with an aluminum home button and ultra-crystal screen protector for a little extra.

Buy Now: $22

Cygnett Urbanshield for Samsung Galaxy S4

Black carbon fiber and brushed aluminum, this case fits tightly and protects against dings and scratches with the best of them. It’s understated and cool, just like you.

Buy Now: $25

Cygnett Incline for Samsung Galaxy S4

Manufactured from “precision-engineered” polycarbonate and zinc alloy, this low-profile jacket makes watching videos comfortably safe thanks to a sturdy kickstand and included screen protector.

Buy Now: $28

X-Doria Dash Pro for Samsung Galaxy S4

A stylish, leather-like cover with multi-layer protection suited for the Brooks Brothers faithful.

Buy Now: $30

Speck SmartFlex Card for Samsung Galaxy S4

These days, we’re prone to forget our wallet before our smartphone. Save the hassle of carrying extra by stuffing all payment options and ID into this conveniently flexible cover with anti-back scratcher.

Buy Now: $33

Incase Chisel for Samsung Galaxy S4

Incase makes tough look dapper with this sleek jacket, which merges its heavy-duty external shell with a stretch-conducive rubber interior to defend the GS4 from destruction.

Buy Now: $35

Sena Ultraslim Galaxy S4 Leather Pouch

This European-designed sleeve hugs your favorite possession close while adding almost zero bulk. It’s also available in a variety of colors, each of which will age to a unique shade over time.

Buy Now: $35

Trident Electra for Samsung Galaxy S4

It wins the award for most science fictional appearance with its silicon bumper corners and an exoskeleton of hardened polycarbonate. That said, its camera aperture also calls to mind the Eye of Sauron. Apologies for mixing fictional metaphors — the case made us do it.

Buy Now: $35

Incipio Stowaway for Samsung Galaxy S4

Utilize the Stowaway’s collapsible back compartment to store the Black Amex or extend it and kick back while taking in live-motion visuals on the GS4’s gorgeous 5-inch FHD Super Model display.

Buy Now: $35

Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S4

The industry’s toughest case gets the GS4 treatment and a few welcome signature attributes like port cover blocks, a built-in screen protector, a belt-clip holster, and multi-layered drop/shock protection.

Buy Now: $36

Samsung Wireless Charging Cover

Replace the GS4’s flimsy battery door with this energy-powered plate to allow for cable-free charging on any Qi-enabled charging base.

Buy Now: $40

CM4 Q Card Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Available in four colors, the billfold chest does more than stash your currency and charge cards. Thanks to CM4’s patent-pending Direct Channel Audio design, the Q amplifies sound by redirecting audio to the front of the GS4.

Buy Now: $40

Leibal 11 Samsung Galaxy S4 Switch Case

It sticks onto your phone with adhesive (and can be removed with no residue, rest assured). The inside pockets can hold business cards et al., and when reversed, the flip cover can serve as a stand.

Buy Now: $40

Spigen SPG Slim Armor View for Samsung Galaxy S4

A dual layer of cases provides protection — which is ample — and a scratch-protection window gives you the option of handling incoming calls and texts without opening the flip cover.

Buy Now: $50

Samsung Leather Pouch

What’s there to say? It’s leather, it’s a pouch, and it’s made by the same company that makes the phone. A dressed-up option, for sure, you dandy.

Buy Now: $66

Charbonize Leather Samsung Galazy S4 Wallet Case

Black leather paired with charcoal felt makes this wallet/case combo a dignified affair — especially with its leather strap closure.

Buy Now: $68

Element Case Eclipse for Samsung Galaxy S4

An aerospace-grade carbon fiber back plate and anodized aluminum bezel justify the Eclipse’s price tag, but what you’re really paying for here is EC’s patented SBS (Sound Boost System) technology, which enhances sound quality by channeling sound waves from the S4’s rear speaker.

Buy Now: $80

Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Galaxy S4 Case

QWERTY conformists can find refuge in this physical keyboard, which flaunts a variety of features including Bluetooth, specialized keys (Home, Search, Play/Pause), backlit buttons, detachable hard shell, and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for extra juice.

Buy Now: $80

Exogear Exolife Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Android charging cases are a rarity, especially for the GS4 at the moment. Thankfully Exogear planned ahead and created a 2600Ah cell-powered jacket that provides the phone with doubled vitality and all-around fortification. Battery guzzling mobilephiles should act fast on this one.

Buy Now: $80

Vaja Nuova for Samsung Galaxy S4

At first glance, the cut-out symbol at the bottom of this gorgeously textured leather case looks like a rip or tear, but you’ll get used to it. We can’t impart enough how impressive its seamless bridge leather will make you look.

Buy Now: $80

Landmarks and Lions Classic Custom Galaxy S4 Smartphone Wallet

What looks like a stylish wallet is actually a stylish phone case/wallet combo. The calf skin leather is beautiful, as are the yellow interior accents and stitching. For as much as you use your phone, this price point isn’t much of a splurge.

Buy Now: $95

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