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Sonos's Next Speaker Could Hang on Your Wall

Sonos is apparently on a speaker that hangs like art on your wall like a picture. A leaked image of the speaker appeared on Ikea's website.


It's been nearly two years since Sonos and Ikea first teamed up and released the Symfonisk collection, which consisted of the Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker ($99) and the Symfonisk Table Lamp ($179). The two speakers worked and sounded like a One SL or a Play:1, but were designed to blend into the room; the bookshelf speaker could be wall-mounted and actually become a bookshelf, while the table lamp was ... well, a table lamp with a speaker inside.

Now it appears that the two companies are gearing up to announce new speakers that add to their Symfonisk collection, and the reveal could be happening next month. In a since-deleted Reddit post, an internal Ikea marketing calendar lists a "Symfonisk virtual press event" for June 14, as first reported by Executive Traveller. While we're just now getting hints of when the announcement would be made, we've known for some time exactly what would be announced.

As first reported by The Verge, according to recent FCC filings, Sonos and Ikea supposedly have two new speakers in the works. There's a revamped version of its Symfonisk Table Lamp and, more intriguingly, a piece of wall art that has a built-in speaker. And, as first spotted by The Verge (again), an image of this picture-frame speaker appeared on Ikea's website. (The image has since been removed.)

The rumored wall art speaker is thought to be flat, able to be placed in a picture frame and hung on the wall. And according to the leaked image on Ikea's website, it will cost $199. It's interesting because, while the previous Symfonisk speakers were essentially Play:1 speakers with a different shell, this wall art speaker would require vastly different internals — and we're not sure what kind of current Sonos speaker it will sound like.

Details are incredibly sparse when it comes to either of these potential new Symfonisk speakers, so that's pretty much all that's known so far. As Executive Traveller notes, Ikeas around the world are marking down its stock of the current iteration of the Symfonisk Table Lamp by up to 50 percent. It's not calling it a sale, instead referring to it as "outgoing product." It's thought that the current Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker, which costs $99 and is the most affordable Sonos speaker you can buy, will not be upgraded, nor will it be discontinued.

The Symfonisk collection can only be shopped via Ikea's website or at its stores.


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