Beyerdynamic's First Wireless Earbuds Promise Hi-Fi Sound

Beyerdynamic's first wireless earbuds promise exceptional sound quality and battery life.

beyerdynamic earbuds

Beyerdynamic, the German hi-fi company best known for its studio headphones (which have been made even more popular by today's streamers, like Ninja, who convert them into to high-end gaming headsets), has just announced its first-ever pair of wireless earbuds. The all-new Beyernamic Free Byrd cost $249, and are available today.

Obviously, Beyerdynamic is late to the game and now entering a crowded market, but the company claims that its Free Byrd wireless earbuds separate themselves for one big reason: sound.

Each earbud has a rounded coin-shaped design (which looks like they fit similarly to the Sony WF-1000XM4) that houses a 10mm driver. This promises to deliver the high-end sound with crisp highs and powerful bass. They support the latest aptX adaptive and AAC codecs, too.

beyerdynamic earbuds
Beyerdynamic’s first wireless earbuds, the Free Byrd, cost $249 and are available in either black (shown) or gray finishes.

Maybe most interestingly, the Free Byrd work with the company's MIY app that can take you (the listener) through a quick two-minute listening test. This will then create a custom hearing profile for you and then adjust the audio accordingly so that it sounds best. Not many wireless earbuds can do that. The app also allows you to tweak various settings such as the EQ of your music.

The Free Byrd also support many of the premium features you'd expect in a pair of wireless earbuds that cost in $250 price range. They have active noise-cancellation and transparency modes. They come with a case that supports wireless charging. And they support Google Fast Pair, meaning they can very quickly pair with an Android smartphone.

The other thing that separates Beyerdynamic's newest wireless earbuds is battery life. And each wireless earbud promises a pretty exceptional 11-hour battery life; by comparison, Apple's AirPods Pro get roughly 4.5 hours of listening time before they need to recharge.

The Beyerdynamic Free Byrd are available in two different finishes: black or gray.

Beyerdynamic Free Byrd
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