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The Perfect Affordable, Wireless Hi-Fi System Is Cheaper Than Ever

The LSX speaker system is essentially a smaller, more affordable version of the company’s super high-end LS50 Wireless.

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The LSX ($1,250 $999) is KEF’s wireless stereo speaker system that was released in 2018, and right now it’s on sale. Right now, you can buy the LSX for $999 on Amazon, $250 off MSRP and $100 off the $1,100 price you can generally find them for.

The LSX speaker system is essentially a smaller, more affordable version of the company’s super high-end LS50 Wireless ($1,800). Each speaker is built with the same signature Uni-Q driver, so the sound is exceptional for the size. These active and powered bookshelf speakers are also extremely versatile. They can be connected to your TV (via optical), to your turntable (via RCA), to your smartphone (via aux) or to your computer (via USB). And, of course, you can stream directly to them over Wi-Fi from Tidal’s or Spotify’s apps.

Four our money, the KEF LS50 Wireless is still the perfect hi-fi all-in-one speaker system, but at roughly half the price, the KEF LSX is way more approachable. Aside from the size of each speaker, there are a few differences between the LSX and the LS50 Wireless that you should know about. First, is power. Each LS50 Wireless speaker demands 230-watts per channel, whereas each LSX speaker demands 100-watts per channel.

Second, there’s the way they connect to each other. With the LS50 Wireless, the right and left speakers need to be tethered together via an ethernet cable, which ensures that they’re playing the highest resolution possible (24-bit/192kHz). The LSX speakers can be tethered together, too, but they also give you the option to not be tethered; if you’re willing to sacrifice a little resolution (down to 24-bit/48kHz), you can place the two speakers anywhere in your room and they’ll be able to wirelessly talk to each other.

Finally, the LSX speaker system is available in way more colors. You can buy the system in white, black, olive, blue and maroon. The white speaker system has a gloss finish, while every other colorway has a luxury fabric finish.

Buy Now: $1,250 $999

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