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A New York Hi-Fi Shop Owner Shares His Home System

Mike Garry, the owner of the hi-fi shop Hudson Valley HiFi, located 50 miles north of the city, shares his at-home setup.


When the people behind record stores and hi-fi shops leave work at the end of the day, what kinds of hi-fi systems are they going home to? And what music are they playing? That’s exactly what we set out to uncover in Hi-Fi at Home. Mike Garry is the owner of Hudson Valley HiFi, an New York hi-fi shop that specializes in buying, restoring and selling vintage audio equipment. His own setup frequently changes, but he was kind enough to share the highlights.



For several years, I was running Rogue Audio’s RP1 preamplifier and Atlas Magnum II power amplifier with an Audioquest Water interconnect between them, which is a full vacuum tube setup. I love the versatility of the Rogue Audio setup since they are vacuum tube but produces plenty of power to play inefficient speakers.

RP1: $1,795Atlus Magnum II: $2,395



For turntables, Rega Planar 3 and Planar 25, one with MM and the other MC cartridge. The Regas are so simple to setup, require very minimal maintenance, and are proudly still hand built in England. The one turntable we have at the store that I would say is my holy grail is the Luxman PD-151. Amazing overbuilt Japan built turntable that I can see being a turntable you can pass on to your grandkids.

Planar 3: $945+Planar 25: Learn More



I really have not had one pair [of speakers] for long. I enjoy cycling through various speakers to enjoy the various qualities of different brands and models. Speakers I have greatly enjoyed in the last few years, Klipsch Forte, Monitor Audio Silver 300, Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower, and recently I’ve been auditioning Fyne Audio F502.

Klipsch Forte: $3998Monitor Audio Silver 300: $1,900

Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower: $5,300Fyne Audio F502: $2,495

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