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Expensive, complex luxury watches are great.

Henry Phillips

It’s easy to conclude that the most interesting watches are found at the high end of the price spectrum, where complications, in-house movements and exotic materials are the norm. But the fact is, we love watches on the affordable end just as much. And there’s something to be said about finding a watch that packs a lot of value for little money, or is simply a reliable daily beater. To honor these heroes of the low-end watch marketplace, we’ve compiled some of our favorite stories about budget timepieces.

Dirt-Cheap Dive Watches Perfect for Summer

Handsome, affordable and tough as nails — all you need for the perfect summer beater watch.

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A Customizable Dress Watch for the Casual Generation

A take on the dress watch that fits a new generation of the workforce: those donning smart casual in lieu of the business suit.

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The Homage Watch Makes Icons Affordable

Homage watches are often disregarded as cheap knockoffs, but there’s more to the story.

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With the SRP777 Homage, Seiko Rewinds the Clock

The new Seiko SRP777 is a dive watch in the Japanese company’s Prospex line that is an homage to the Seiko 6309 from the 1970s and ’80s.

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Classy Dress Watches Under $1,000

Think of a dress watch. Imagining anything you can afford? Truth is, our idea that dress watches must be luxury items is way off.

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Is an Aluminum Field Watch Sensible?

It may be based on a watch made for pilots, but the Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Aluminum worked just fine as a tough field watch in Lowcountry South Carolina.

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10 Great Watches Under $150

Some dirt-cheap watches that sell for $150 or less have all the basic facets of a great timepiece.

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