A New, Ultra-Thin Watch from an Underrated Swiss Brand

The brand that launched ETA and improved the automatic movement has launched an interesting new in-house caliber.


Eterna is a bit of an unsung hero in watchmaking. The brand has been around since 1856, and, as an early Swiss adopter of mass production, they founded ETA, which has supplied countless watch brands with affordable movements and ébauches. Eterna also helped advance automatic watches by producing the Eterna-matic, which used five ball bearings to help decrease friction on the winding mechanism. To celebrate 160 years of innovative watchmaking, Eterna has unveiled a new limited-edition timepiece: the Granges 1856.

The watch uses Eterna’s new in-house Caliber 3030 movement, which the brand states is the thinnest “large-date” movement in the world at 4.63mm, allowing for an overall watch thickness of 9.8mm. The watch comes in 10 styles with four different dial colors available (silver, black, blue and charcoal), and all of them feature a gentle curve inward (similar to the “Pie Pan” dial on the Omega Globemaster); the date discs inside the movement are similarly curved, to contour perfectly with the dial. Eterna will make 1,000 watches total, which will be available online starting at $5,000.

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