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If You Only Buy One Dive Watch, Buy This One

Tudor's Black Bay Fifty-Eight is the right size. It's got an in-house movement. It's beautiful. It's perfect.

tudor black bay fifty eight watch

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight, $3,375+

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (Pre-owned)

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Look, we don't want to tell you what to do — that's not our job here at Gear Patrol. But go out and get yourself a Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight. Why? Because we sort of think it's the perfect watch. Not even the perfect dive watch — just the perfect watch.

For those of you who lust after a Rolex Submariner but can't stomach the thought of paying over $8,000 for one, there's the BB58 at less than half that cost. For those of you who desire a well-sized watch that's still legible but doesn't dwarf your wrist, there's the BB58 at 39mm. For those of you who wants something you can wear in the water, when traveling, to the office, or maybe even with a tuxedo (shit, James Bond did it once or twice...), there's the BB58.

For those of you who appreciate fine watchmaking, the BB58 features an in-house Tudor cal. MT5402, which is chronometer-certified. For those of you who like a good old-fashioned steel bracelet, you can get the BB58 on one of those for $3,800. For those of you who prefer it on a fine leather or fabric strap, you can nab it on one for $3,375. Oh, and it comes in both black/gilt and blue colors.

Do we have to keep going? Fine, we will: here's more of us waxing poetic on the charms of the BB58, and a few reasons why we think it's the right watch for you — whoever you are:


It's The Perfect Size

Rolex upped its Submariner to 41mm last year. Whyyyyy. They had such a good thing going. Anyway, the BB58 is 39mm. 39mm is just like 40mm, but one better. ("It's one more loud.") Seriously, though, this is the Goldilocks size for dive watches. Throw one on and you'll agree. I haven't met a single person who's tried one on who disagrees. Now if we only get them to make a damned 39mm GMT...

tudor black bay fifty eight watch

It's Got All The Fixins

In-house movement, chronometer certified. Matching rivet-style bracelet. Awesome-looking snowflake hands and highly legible design. 200m of water resistance. 70 hours of power reserve. Awesome aluminum bezel insert. Oh, and it also tells the time.

It's Beautiful

I mean, just look at that gorgeous gilt dial. And if that isn't enough to get your heart racing, then what about that new blue version? Tudor just gets it. Their design team understand proportion, nuance and restraint, and the result is a watch that only an evil step-parent could hate. (I think I got that metaphor backwards, but you get it. The watch is sexy.)

tudor guide

It's Available in Different Versions

For the first two years of its existence, you could only get the BB58 in a black dial with "gilt" printing. If that vintage aesthetic isn't your thing, however, you can now get your hands on a beautiful blue version with white printing and indices. It's unique to have both vintage-inspired and modern options within one modern watch reference, and what's more, you can get either model on different straps.

Black Bay Fifty-Eight

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