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Hamilton's PSR MTX Watch for Matrix Resurrections

If you're a fan of the series, this is the watch that should be on your wrist.


What if I told you that you that you can get a watch as futuristic as Neo in the new Matrix Resurrections movie? Yes, the fourth installment of the famous sci-fi franchise is coming, and there could hardly be a more appropriate watch to match it than Hamilton's PSR — especially when it's done up to match the films' famously all-black wardrobe.

Hamilton's PSR was introduced in 2020 as a reprise of the 1970 Pulsar, the world's first digital watch. Though futuristic at the time, it's bursting with retro appeal today — and when you mix in the nostalgia the original 1999 Matrix film certainly elicits for many, one can understand the appeal of the new PSR MTX, as it's called. It's got the same specs as the PSR models from last year, which featured steel and gold-toned cases with red LED displays, but with a thorough aesthetic refresh.

Aside from action and some existential philosophy, the Matrix movies are heavy on style that you surely recognize. You've got the black trench coats and sunglasses, but the green lines of code ("digital rain") are equally iconic — and they're represented by the green LED display as well as more overtly in the form of case back engravings.


With a 40mm case and refined finishing, we can attest that the PSR has a high-end feel on the wrist that's worthy of the original Pulsar — which would've been a luxury item when it debuted (before digital tech became associated with inexpensive watches). Even the display remains legible despite the fact that light-on-dark digital displays are usually less than easy to read. An all-black case and bracelet suit the watch and the movies perfectly.

While Hamilton is known for its connection with Hollywood and its watches appearing in films, it's not clear that the PSR MTX will feature as a film prop — so you'll just have to go see the movie when it debuts in the US on December 22, 2021, and keep your eye on the characters' wrists. In the meantime, if you're a super fan and typically sport black sunglasses and a deadpan expression, this is the watch for you. You don't have to wait for the film to get it, as it's available online now for $995 — though it's limited to 1,999 pieces.


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