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G-Shock’s Newest Timepiece is a Smartwatch You Won’t Throw Away in Three Years

G-Shock’s latest watch gets Bluetooth connectivity, solar charging and stylish stainless steel finishing.



When Kikuo Ibe finished the first G-Shock in 1983, it was meant to be nothing more than a durable time-telling tool, able to withstand a ten-meter fall, 10 atmospheres of water pressure and have a battery life of ten years. The rugged resin case on the G-Shock not only made it a tough-as-nails watch, but it also gave it a uniquely bold aesthetic that quickly made it an icon in streetwear. Thirty-five years later, G-Shock continues to make these striking and burly resin watches, but it is now also offering a more refined take on its classic formula by way of stainless steel.

The GSTB100D-1A is one of the latest additions to G-Shock’s ever-expanding G-Steel Lineup. It is the first line of G-Steel watches to utilize Bluetooth connectivity, making it a mild smartwatch of sorts. The watch features a red button at eight o’clock that connects to G-Shock’s connected phone app via Bluetooth with one push; from there, users can set alarms, check their battery level and change time zones from their phone. It even allows the watch to be used to locate a misplaced phone and, because it links to a smartphone’s accurate atomic timekeeping, when connected it can automatically adjust to the correct time.


In addition to its smart capabilities, the GSTB100D-1A comes packing tons of other functions. It features a chronograph that can record times up to 24-hours as well as a fully automatic calendar and second time zone display on the dial. Best yet, the quartz movement features solar charging, eliminating any need to pay for annoying battery replacement services. And thanks to its power save mode, on a full charge the GSTB100D-1A can operate for up to 24 months in total darkness.

But the GSTB100D-1A wouldn’t be a true G-Shock if not for its super-tough construction. It’s able to withstand impacts that would render many other watches inoperable, thanks to a “layered guard structure” that wedges shock-absorbing resin between pieces of exquisitely-finished stainless steel. Additionally, the GSTB100D-1A is water resistant to a solid 200 meters, putting it on par with professional dive watches.

The result is a watch that combines G-Shock’s storied robustness and tech-packed movements with a cleaner, more polished look you’d expect from a high-end timepiece. It’s more than a street-savvy watch or a rugged time-telling device — it’s a dignified timepiece, built to tackle any situation.

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