Luminox Dropped a Heavy Duty MIL-SPEC 3350 Series

What makes Luminox' MIL-SPEC 3350 Series worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios

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Over the years, Luminox has collaborated with everyone from U.S. Air Force pilots to the Navy SEALs. Now, the brand is building on its legacy by launching a new MIL-SPEC series.

What does Mil-Spec mean? The term is short for ‘Military Specification’ and refers to the U.S. Department of Defense's military standard. A product that complies with the Department’s expectations for sourcing, fabrication, material quality and supply can be referred to as a Mil-Spec product.

So in effect, the Luminox MIL-SPEC series proudly carries this label because it’s built to perform in the toughest conditions — while worn by all.

luminox watch resting next to army gear

The Backstory

Luminox: A Legacy Built to Survive and Thrive

First launched in 1989, Luminox was initially driven by a dedication to cutting-edge luminescence and legibility (hence the name).

Since then, this same illumination technology has powered every high-performance sports watch to come out of the brand. However, to push itself further, Luminox has continued to tap all sorts of global powerhouses to help equip its designs.

As a result, the brand has worked with icons like the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, the U.S. Bobsleigh and Skeleton Teams and even Bear Grylls to reimagine what a watch can do. Now, its latest endeavor invites fans to hold themselves to the highest standard; the U.S. Military standard that is.

The Gist

The MIL-SPEC 3350 Series is Hard Wearing and Ultra Durable

Some fans may recognize Luminox’ CARBONOX+ material across these watches’ cases. The high performance ‘carbon long bar compound’ is used to make the case ultra strong while keeping it (ultra) lightweight. The watches’ titanium bezel is yet another weight-saving choice, in a gorgeous eye-catching colorway.

Both the titanium bezel and several scattered steel case parts also help protect the watch from salt water oxidation; while the powerful battery promises 84 months (seven years) of battery life.

Perhaps most notably, the watch’s ETA movement offers both Heavy and PreciDrive. Traditionally, if a watch is shocked or ‘experiences unbalance,’ its movement will suffer. However thanks to HeavyDrive technology, the MIL-SPEC 3350 Series is designed to receive a counter-impulse once impacted; which will prevent its hands from accidentally skipping.

Meanwhile, PreciDrive is designed to optimize the watch’s time precision to +/- 10 seconds/year deviation (meaning that even if you use this watch 365 days a year, the time will never deviate more than 10 seconds from the true time). Plus, thanks to an additional thermo-compensation unit, a small motor pulses in tune to any changes in the surrounding (or water) temperature, to prevent your watch from deviating further.


The MIL-SPEC 3350 Series is a Must Have for True Outdoorsmen

While it’s built per military criteria, this watch is a great piece of gear for a wide range of wearers. It’s equipped to keep up with everyone from first responders to the most careful timekeepers, and can do more than just roll with the punches.

Thanks to its ultra-precise heavy duty movement, the MIL-SPEC 3350 series will keep you in check on the trail, while remaining lightweight enough for a full trek through the backcountry. Of course, it’s sure to impress in more populated settings, and would make a great gift for any dad this Father’s Day. So explore the collection today, and imagine living life to a higher standard.

Price: $695


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