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The Next Act for G-SHOCK’s Premium Line

G-SHOCK’s MTGB1000-1A unveiled at Baseworld earlier this year marks a next phase for the MT-G men’s luxury line of watches from the watch stalwart.

When G-SHOCK developed the MT-G luxury line back in 2013, it was an enterprising direction for the brand but one that fell naturally into its expansion over the years — it stepped into the premium market with Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK, which by no small feat still offered the definitive G-SHOCK toughness. Five years later, that subset of G-SHOCK is still evolving.

Earlier this year at Baselworld, G-SHOCK unveiled the next iteration of the MT-G men’s luxury line: the MTGB1000-1A. It marks an elevation — it’s the first MT-G timepiece to boast Bluetooth capabilities and BLE time-sync.

The MTGB1000-1A connects to a time server via the G-SHOCK Connected smartphone app or radio wave time-calibration signals — keeping it incredibly accurate. The Bluetooth connected app capabilities enable a user to set the world time and alarms straight from your smartphone. The app also collects and analyzes usage data from the timepiece to keep the user informed of things like when it needs to be charged.

That’s not all though, as it also underwent a bit of a redesign that transforms the look for the MT-G line. Three components have gotten upgrades on the MTGB1000-1A: a slimmer case, a new band structure and a new core guard box frame.

Slimming down any watch isn’t typically what G-SHOCK does. But in its latest design of the MT-G family, G-SHOCK has managed to make the watch slimmer by 1.11mm with a 1.58mm smaller case depth. This sleek profile complements the premium metallic case finish for a striking look. A highly abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal helps ensure clear visibility and that the watch can still take a beating.


And the new band structure for the MTGB1000-1A is a modification for the MT-G line as well. With the previous MT-G watches known for their stainless steel bands, this one is composed of urethane and fine resin, affixed to one another by screws, which are then securely fastened to the case with metal parts.

Sophistication and toughness are a tough balancing act. In this latest design, G-SHOCK has managed to refine the MT-G line even more while keeping the technology that it has become known for: water resistance, a dual dial world time (up to 300 cities are selectable within the app), a full auto Super Illuminator LED light, a stopwatch, countdown timer and more. And the classic round face and front screws are a reminder that it might be an updated look, but you’re still getting the tried-and-true premium G-SHOCK.

Moving the needle on style and technology — all while keeping its core ethos intact — is exactly what’s expected after 35+ years from G-SHOCK, and it’s exactly what the MTGB1000-1A brings to the table.

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