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This High-End G-Shock MR-G Watch Will Channel Your Inner Samurai

The new G-Shock MRG G2000G-1A watch features traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the latest Casio technology.


Among Casio’s announcements for Baselworld 2019 is the debut of this striking new G-Shock MR-G model. In addition to the use of traditional decorative techniques that inevitably require some explanation (and involve some Japanese terminology), the MR-G also hosts the latest, cutting-edge technology you would expect of the brand’s top-tier products. For those who can wrap their minds around the niche appeal of this luxury G-Shock watch, it’s a pretty awesome piece of wrist gear for the modern samurai-wannabe.

That purple of the “recrystallized” titanium case middle with its interesting texture is achieved by Arc Ion Plating, and alongside the dial’s red highlights, it results in a somehow very Japanese colorway. The bezel is in a material called Cobarion, as seen in previous G-Shock watches, with a mixed brushed and mirror-polished finish and sapphire crystal topping it off. Arguably coolest of all the watch’s features are the bracelet’s center links, which are hand-finished in the yasuri-me technique borrowed from Japanese sword-making. The bracelet’s first center link features a Japanese character that serves as the personal mark of the artisan, a Mr. Sadanobu Gassan.

The craftsmanship, traditional techniques, and inspiration taken from Japanese culture might seem similar to the likes of compatriot Grand Seiko watches, but this is a Casio G-Shock. This means that the watch, in addition to the cool finishing and craftsmanship, is equipped with features like GPS, bluetooth, Casio’s Multi-Band 6 technology, solar charging, and more. The Casio G-Shock MRG G2000G-1A is priced $7,400, produced in limited numbers, and available at G-Shock retailers (including the Soho, New York, location) beginning in July 2019.

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