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Seiko Designed Affordable New Back-to-School Watches for Kids, But Adults Will Love Them Too

With a simple design intended for students, Seiko’s new JDM collection of affordable School Time watches will attract adult watch fans too.


Seiko’s satisfyingly simple new “School Time” series of watches is made for school-age students with a focus on basic legibility, usability and durability. Ironically, watches designed for kids seem to emphasize the basic qualities every watch should have. Solar powered, measuring just 31.5mm wide and intended for the Japanese domestic market (JDM), these watches would make plenty of adults happy to wear them, too.

The School Time theme is a reprise of a series of mechanical watches made in the 1970s, now with a design refresh and using Seiko’s pragmatic solar-charged quartz movements. You’ll never need to worry about the battery suddenly stopping on test day, the brand says. Further, the design is intended to be highly legible from any angle with large numerals in a simple font and high contrast with the dial, as well as anti-reflective coating on the crystal.

Since kids can subject their gear to significant wear and tear, the case features a “frame” to help protect the hardlex crystal from direct impacts, and water-resistance is 100m. The pentagonal crown is meant to be easy to grip and use for their little fingers. Finally, there is an antibacterial and deodorizing material lining for the soft leather straps.

Intended for kids, but affordable and well-made, a lot of adult watch fans will undoubtedly get a kick out of the School Time watches too. They’re only a bit smaller than the also recently rereleased JDM Seiko SUS field watch collection. At the very least, Seiko is grooming a new crop of future watch lovers who will have images of the Seiko logo mixed in with nostalgic childhood memories.

The announcement of the new Seiko School Time watches might seem timed to coincide with the back-to-school season if you’re in some place where the school year starts in September, like the U.S. But these watches appear to be for the domestic market, so far only announced on the Japanese website, where the school year starts in April.

The new Seiko School Time watches each has a price of around $235 in USD.

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