This Is the Best Gift For a Watch Nerd

Once standard issue for the world’s most iconic dive watches, TROPIC is back with a new hypoallergenic formula that is resistant to sweat, tearing and UV degradation.

A classic looking modern dive strap

During the late 1960s and the golden age of sport watches, the dive watch became synonymous with sophisticated and successful adventurers. Chances are if you inspect a photo of a diver during the decade, their watch will be attached to a Tropic. The rubber straps, which sport a distinct, cross-hatch pattern familiar to any vintage dive watch collector, were standard issue for many legendary watches, often shipping strapped to Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms, the LIP Nautic, and the original IWC Aquatimer.

With a tapered, diamond-shaped underside for breathability and comfort, the iconic and extremely functional Tropic straps rose to such prominence that when production of the straps ended, vintage examples became hard to find and expensive to own. And so, this fall, Tropic made huge news by bringing back their tapestry-surfaced straps. The styling is identical to the originals, but the straps are made of new, proprietary vulcanized rubber that’s supple to the touch and made to perform under stress. It’s time to give your dive watch the only rubber strap anyone knows by name.

1. Continued Improvements:
Expect regular updates out of Tropic. Currently, the straps are only available in the 20mm width, but a 22mm version is expected in December 2019, with new designs on the horizon based on interest level; The company recently held a vote for the watch community to help create a color that’s as close to stainless steel as rubber can get.

2. Varied Colorways:
Currently, in addition to classic black, the straps are available in navy blue, NATO green, brown, anthracite, royal blue, true blue, light grey, orange, and Poseidon yellow. And for those who need to coordinate their fins, mask, and wrists, new colors regularly hit the water.

3. Performance:
Made in Italy from 100% vulcanized rubber, the tear-resistant straps are perforated for quick-drying comfort, resist extreme heat and cold, and don’t fade due to UV exposure. As a bonus, they’re also hypoallergenic, to fit all skin types.

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