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The Essential Shopping List for New Law Students

Law school is a different animal.


Making it through law school is a different animal from med school and other graduate programs. For one thing, law students have to dress to impress from the start. So instead of scrubs and sneakers, it’s leather dress shoes and slick button-downs. Instead of a backpack, it’s a good-looking briefcase. But it’s not all about looking the part. Law students also need the proper gear to optimize their study time in libraries and to furnish their budget-friendly apartments. From desk lamps to highlighters, suits to shoes, this is the best gear for going back to law school.


For the Dorm and Library


Apple iPad Air 2 ($429+)
Everyone uses iOS. And tablets are great study tools. The Apple iPad Air 2 combines the two.

Rhodia N°19 Yellow Pad ($10+)
A pad of paper never goes out of style.

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen ($13)
This everyday pen is comfortable to hold, dependable and looks sophisticated enough for any courtroom.

Miles Desk Lamp ($275)
A vintage-inspired desk lamp for when the library shuts its doors.

Staedtler Triplus Textsurfer Highlighter ($10+)
All law school students say the same thing: highlighters are key.

Epson Expression Premium Printer ($130)
You’ll need to print out courtroom docs and study guides.

SanDisk Extreme 3.0 (64GB) ($40+)
Because extra storage is vital.

Bose QuietComfort 25 ($300)
Miscellaneous sounds are extreme distractions. These Bose headphones utterly block them out.


Kick Back on the Weekend


Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf System (PBS) ($799)
Upgrade your home speakers.

Casper Mattress ($500-950)
With Casper, a four-hour sleep goes further.

A Few Good Men DVD ($13)
Because Tom Cruise plays a lawyer damn well. Also, watch The Firm.

Headspace Mediation App (Free)
Unwind, and learn the basics of meditation.

Kingsman Pyjamas ($450)
After getting your bachelor’s degree, one-piece PJs are encouraged — sort of.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bourbon ($70)
Impress your friends, or your professor, by sipping on this new release.

The Interview

Leave the Bike, Take a Cab


Lotuff Leather Slim Zipper Briefcase ($750)
Look like the man at the helm of a multi-million dollar case.

Allen Edmonds Yorktown Cap-Toe Oxfords ($385)
To compliment tailored pants.

Crosby Suit Jacket by J.Crew ($425)
A jacket built for the athletic man.

Mr. Gray Argyle Nep Socks ($29)
Sit cross-legged and show off those ankles.

Proper Cloth Waverly Light Blue Check ($95)
A custom-fitted shirt makes a world of difference.

Garrett Leight Wilson Eyeglasses ($310)
Studious eyewear.

Around Town

Casual Necessities


Filson Stainless Steel and Bridle Leather Flask ($78)
For day drinking at the racetrack.

Cavallini Roma Lussa Journals

Italian made with cream-laid unlined pages.

The Law Student’s Pocket Mentor: From Surviving To Thriving

Because law school students never really have downtime.

Dark Sumatra Highlands Coffee ($13 per lb)
If you can, start drinking your coffee black.

The Slim Pant by Everlane ($65)
Dress down with some khakis.

Foreign Rider Co. Classic Cotton T-Shirt ($50)
A classic black tee.

Barton Perreira Dean Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses ($480)
Damn cool shades.

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