15 People, Places, And Things To Be Thankful For

Because 2009 may have been tough as hell, but never was there a better time to see what we were more thankful for. Amongst the many, here are 15 suggestions to be thankful for.


Because 2009 may have been tough as hell, but never was there a better time to see what we were more thankful for. Amongst the many, here are 15 suggestions to be thankful for.

1. Hot Sauce

Unexpected Constant To Be Thankful For


Because food trends come and go, but there are always a few constants. Like, hot sauce. Preferably of the habañero variety and high on the scoville count.

2. Tiger Woods Defeat By Y.E. Yang In the PGA Championship

Sports Moment To Be Thankful For


Because this is a sport where someone no one had ever heard of could trounce such a sports someone, and both accept it with grace and humbleness. Runner-up: LeBron James.

3. Made In America

Movement To Be Thankful For


Because the tag that says “Made In America” is suddenly cool, and justifably so.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Game To Be Thankful For


Because the release of stress on a Wednesday night with no plans is suddenly the highlight of your week.

5. J.J. Abrams and The Bad Robot Production Team

People In Hollywood To Be Thankful For


Because TV and movies would be remiss without them. See: Lost, Fringe, Star Trek (the movie), and Transformers 2. Past credentials? Alias, Cloverfield, Mission: Impossible III. Coolifying geekery to the masses, one show/movie at a time.

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6. The Inauguration of Barack Obama

Moment In American Politics To Be Thankful For


Because regardless of your political disposition, it showed the world that yes, this country has its fair share of issues but in the end we’ll surprise you with our undying perseverence, absolution, and prevalence. Now, about that Nobel Peace Prize…

7. Esquire Magazine

Publication To Be Thankful For


Because they still sift through all the useless garbage targeted at men (on the web, in stores, etc), and still manage to publish a kick-ass magazine every single month. Oh, and they named Kate Beckinsale the sexiest woman alive in 2009. One year for just $8? Done.

8. Bing (The Search Engine)

Technology To Be Thankful For


Because I use Google just like the next man, but I’m ready for an alternative. Like the next man.

9. Turtle Getting The Hot Girls on Entourage

Underdog Moment To Be Thankful For


Because he stopped wearing goofy hats sideways, grew up, and the writers rewarded him with the hottest girls of the 2009 season. Sloan who?

10. Blu-Ray Movies

Technology To Be Thankful For


Because there’s finally something that makes my HDTV look and home theater sound the way god and engineers intended. Glorious.

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11. Mad Men

Misogynistic (Yet Woman Empowered) Television Show To Be Thankful For


Because it’s one of the best damn written and looking shows ever created. Did you ever think you’d tear up over a Kodak Carousel? You should also be thankful for January Jones.

12. George W. Bush

Man With Conviction To Be Thankful For


Because, flawed or not, he stuck up for the people and country that mattered to him. Whether that was the right thing to do remains for the history books. Dick Cheney however? Add him to the worst list. Runner-up: Bill Clinton’s trip to North Korea.

13. The Manhattan

Cocktail To Be Thankful For


Because it’s an exquisite drink that needs no introduction or complication. Just like you, and it has a bloody good name.

14. Warren Buffet & Bill Gates

Men With Money To Be Thankful For


Because Buffet bets on America, Gates is not the tyrant Jobs is, and they both demonstrate how men with more money than they know what to do with should behave.

15: The Pork Chop

Red Meat Alternative To Be Thankful For


Because a man needs an alternative to steak, and the pork chop seasoned with salt & pepper grilled over a big flame is about the best alternative you can find. Best served with friends and family over good conversation and spirits.

Bonus: Gustavo Dudamel conducting Arturo Marquez’s Danzon N°2

Music To Be Thankful For

Because the classics are classics and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, at about 1:50-3:00, prove classics don’t have to be boring.

Are there things you’re thankful for? Feel free to share them below.

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