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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered

Despite nearly universal praise for over 20 years, Herman Miller went back to the drawing board.


Herman Miller designers, apparently suffering from a bout of severe boredom, decided to fix the most revered office chair of all time earlier this year, just because they could.

The all-new Aeron Chair Remastered keeps everything that people have loved about the original Aeron since its introduction in 1994 — countless degrees of customization, near-perfect ergonomics and innovative use of materials — but tweaks everything just enough to highlight the chair’s best qualities. The frame design has been improved to accommodate more postures, the knobs and dials have been re-engineered for easier handling and the color palette has been simplified to three options: Mineral (light, airy, as fun as a chair gets), Carbon (grey, neutral, inoffensive), and Graphite (dark, serious, old school).


Sizes: S, M, L
Back Material: 8Z Pellicle
Colors: Mineral, Carbon, Graphite

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