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The 10 Best Beach Chairs You Can Buy in 2020

The best of beach chairs in 2020 is all about portability, durability and affordability.


A good beach chair is light, stable and worth sitting on. Does it help if it looks decent? Sure, but after a few hours in the sun and sand, most are typically less inclined to worry about aesthetics. In finding the best beach chairs of the summer, we focused on ones that were cheap, comfortable and easy to carry. These 10 examples are all those things.

Chillbo Baggins 2.0

If you can get past the name and embrace its unconventional style, this is a great beach chair. It takes two to three minutes to blow up, allos you to either sit low like you would any beach chair, lay down or take it out into the water. Having used one for a recent beach trip I relate to you rolling your eyes at this, but you won’t get a lighter, more functional seat on the beach.

Buy Now: $45

Eddie Bauer Camp Chair

Eddie Bauer’s camp chair isn’t the lightest option, but weighing 6 pounds it can still support up to a 225-pound load. The 600-denier polyester fabric is durable, though we don’t imagine much activity happening in the chair.

Buy Now: $45

Lawn Chair USA Sea Island Beach Chair

Lawn Chair USA’s many-colored folding seats harken back to decades past with their flexible, comfortable cross-webbing. They also feature plastic armrests, which absorb less heat than wood or metal, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

Buy Now: $55

Guide Gear Oversized Director’s Camp Chair

This impressively strong chair has a powder-coated tubular steel frame that can support up to 500 pounds. The built-in cup holder also has a little table area to put your snacks so you don’t have to move an inch.

Buy Now: $60

REI Co-op Outward Low Lawn Chair

Like any good REI outdoor gear, this chair is heavy-duty, thanks to ripstop nylon seat, and convenient. When not in use, the chair folds up and users can carry it on their back like a backpack.

Buy Now: $60

L.L.Bean Packlite Chair

The mitt-like shape of the L.L.Bean Packlite Chair will keep you comfortable for hours whether you’re lounging on the beach, hitting up a tailgate or chilling in the backyard. The chair remains fairly light thanks to the aluminimum frame, which is still very durable.

Buy Now: $70

Helinox Personal Shade

Doze off at the beach and don’t worry about getting sunburned. The Helinox Personal Shade chair features a nylon ripstop canopy with an SPF 50+ rating so the sun’s harmful rays don’t cook you in your seat. The canopy can be reoriented to shield you from the sun as it sets from east to west. Plus, the whole thing weighs just over a pound and folds into a 25-inch sack.

Buy Now: $70

Crazy Creek Air Chair

You could argue this isn’t really a chair, seeing as you’re still sort of sitting on the ground. But, thanks to a total weight (when inflated) of 26 ounces, two layers of ripstop nylon and carbon fiber flat bar stays, this is ideal beach seating for those who move up and down the beach frequently.

Buy Now: $80

Oniva Picnic Time XL Chair

Where most beach chairs cap out at 250-pound weight capacities, Oniva’s wider, sturdier, altogether bigger chair carries up to 400. It comes with a lifetime warranty, a cup (beer) holder, sloped armrests and a powder-coated steel frame instead of the more liable to be aluminum.

Buy Now: $86

NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury

“Luxury” is in its name, and you’re paying a premium for it, too. The Stargaze Recliner features a free-swinging seat that reclines at the behest of your own body movements. The chair was designed to work on uneven ground, so it’s perfect for sandy beaches as much as it works on flat land. The Stargaze is like the perfect combination of a chair and a hammock, no trees necessary.

Buy Now: $220

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