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The Best Desk Chairs You Can Buy Are on Sale Right Now

Herman Miller’s office chairs are the best that money can buy – and they’re 15% off right now.

herman miller desk chairs
Herman Miller

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If you’re still working from home and you don’t have a proper office chair, you’re doing your body a disservice. Herman Miller’s Home Office 2.0 Sale is your opportunity for a solid discount on a serious upgrade. Save 15 percent and get free shipping on the brand’s world-beating lineup of office chairs, including a few of our picks for the best office chairs you can buy.

If you like knobs and lots of customization options, check the Aeron, a chair that was once called the “Dot-Come Throne” and is still among the most ergonomically sound chairs money can buy. Look to the Sayl for wicked value and features similar to the Aeron, and the Cosm if you’re hunting for something striking to look at. Now, get off the couch because the sale ends July 19.


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