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The Dollar Menu for Movies


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng

There is nothing I like better than instant gratification and great value. Maybe this is why I buy most of my lunches from vending machines?

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I noticed a large, sleek, red box vending DVDs by the entrance. With my interest piqued, I wondered if this large machine could really do what so many other movie vending machines couldn’t. And could this machine be a real alternative to an already cheap and popular service known as Netflix?

I boldly decided to take the plunge, so I approached the REDBOX. Admittedly, I was a bit intimidated by the experience I was about to go through. How do I get the movie? Where does the cash go? What if a line forms and I still can’t figure this beast out?

However, living in an iPod/iPhone ubiquitous society, the REDBOX was a cakewalk. I touched the screen once to get the “rent/return DVD” screen. Then I touched the “rent button” and was taken to the list of current and recently released movies. I selected my movie (The Wrestler), entered my email address (so REDBOX can send an email receipt to you), slid my credit card and “Viola!” Mickey Rourke is in my living room. Returning the DVD was just as easy.

The greatest feature of Redbox is the ability to go online and find/reserve movies. My big fear of holding up an angry and impatient line is solved.

Now, the ultimate question: can REDBOX really replace Netflix? The answer is, no. REDBOX will never replace the vast movie library of Netflix, but it did allowed me to pay for only the movies I wanted to watch and to get them when I wanted. Oh and by the way, the cost per movie is at vending machine prices. For only $1.00 a movie, I am a fan.

Cost: $1

Tip: Check out Inside Redbox for a free Redbox rental code each Monday. Scouring the interwebs may turn up more Redbox goodies, as well.

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