Why Trade Shows Are Heaven for Gear Lovers

CES, North American Auto Show, Outdoor Retailer, SIHH — we have so much gear news, we don’t know what to do with it.


Last week, it was CES. “For the next three days, the world will appear on the brink of Westworld-ian potential,” wrote Tech Editor Matt Ankeny, and he was right. The market dazzled with everything from thin TVs and concept cars to smart clothing and emotive robots. We hope you weren’t overwhelmed, though: this week, it was Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, with acres and acres of badass outdoor gear, and the North American Auto Show, with new sheet metal galore.

Oh, and next week, it’s SIHH, or the second-biggest watch show in the world, where top brands reveal their wares; some are already making news.

There’s so much gear news, it’s overflowing — and even if you caught our main coverage of an event, we had plenty of juicy extras for you. Here they are. – Chris Wright

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote from the Week

“My friend wrote a movie and his process was a mystery; I’m like, ‘How do you tie it all together?’ And he said, ‘Well, I just invented the problem, then I answered it.’ So I used that in design. I was like, ‘I’ll invent the problem.'”
– Geoff McFetridge

The Cars That Didn’t Make Headlines at the North American Auto Show


In between the announcements and unveilings, the show floor was packed with concepts and cars new and old and all worth a look.

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A $1 Million Watch, Made of Cheese


H. Moser made a watch with a case partially made of Swiss cheese in order to troll the Swiss watch industry for what it says are lax regulations surrounding the label “Swiss-made.”

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First Look: Nintendo Switch Pricing, Hardware Details, Games and More


First things first: The Nintendo Switch will be dropping on March 3 in Japan, the United States, Canada, some European countries, Hong Kong and other yet-to-be-announced countries, with a suggested stateside retail price of $299.99. If you want hardware details, read on. If you want to see new games, Nintendo’s official YouTube page has a complete list of just-released trailers.

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You’re Going to Buy Wireless Headphones in 2017. Choose These.


With even Apple buds moving to wireless, it’s time to cut the cord. Here are our favorite new ‘phones.

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The Most Ridiculous and Weird Products from CES 2017


Including a laundry-folder and a pair of boxers to protect your junk from radiation.

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The Best of Outdoor Retailer, Day 3


The best new gear from Patagonia, Solomon, Hydro Flask and more.

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