These Towels Are Big and Cozy Enough to Replace Your Throw Blanket

Those happy with a towel that does more water pushing than water absorbing, requires stretching to fit around your waste and feels like sandpaper need not apply.


To be perfectly frank, life is way too short to use shitty towels, and I for one will no longer put up with the thin garbage that would hardly wrap around a light pole, much less a person. Enter Brooklinen’s righteously enormous terry weave towels. Long-staple cotton makes these towels durable and long-lasting, but not at all rough or irritating on the skin. The Super-Plush Complete Towel Set comes with two bath sheets (think a typical bath towel, but more like an adult-sized swaddle), two bath towels, two hand towels, two washcloths and a bath mat.

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