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Today in Gear: July 6, 2017

A GPS device for lost luggage, an electronically adjustable walnut desk, an exquisite fountain pen and much more.



Good morning. Eighty years ago, during a historic round-the-world flight, the legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. The true nature of her demise has been the subject of speculation ever since. Did she perish on impact, or survive as an island castaway? A newly discovered photograph suggests Earhart survived a crash landing in the Marshall Islands. One expert now believes that Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, lived their remaining days under Japanese captivity on the island of Saipan.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Indian Scout


What makes a classic? Lasting quality? A storied past? If that’s the case, then the Scout, which aided Allied forces in WWII, indeed is a classic. When production of the Scout was cut short in 1949, the story continued; it set land speed records at Bonneville, and now, in 2017, the Scout is back again with a lightweight chassis, a low center of gravity, a liquid-cooled 100 horsepower V-Twin engine and all the makings of a classic, reborn.

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Montblanc Writers Edition Antoine Saint-Exupéry Fountain Pen


Immortalized in this highly limited fountain pen is the legacy of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the early-1900s French author best known for The Little Prince, one of the most beloved children’s tales ever written, and Wind, Sand and Stars a heartbreakingly beautiful love letter to aviation. Every tiny detail, from the brass tubing to the 18-karat gold nib, takes into account Saint-Exupéry’s iconic planes and historic flights, such as the Aéropostale he once flew in Argentina.

Buy Nowe: $3,860

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech


Eagle Creek’s latest packing cubes are engineered much like a technical jacket: lightweight, super-strong ripstop nylon; self-repairing zippers (no snags!); water- and stain-resistant coating. The various sizes will easily accommodate and organize whatever you’re packing.

Buy Now: $14+

Ergonofis ‘Alive’ Height-Adjustable Desk


Look closely, and you’ll see that it’s much more than just a simple walnut desk: near the bottom-right corner is a small touch screen that toggles between standing and sitting position, powered by hidden hydraulics in the heavy-duty steel frame.

Buy Nowe: $2,477

50Daylight Fine Grain 120-Format Color Film


Film photography ain’t dead, and neither is film video. CineStill’s 120-format color negative film has long been a favorite among film-loyal movie directors; now it’s available in medium-format still photography emulative of Kodak 50D, a gorgeous film that rose to prominence in Hollywood.

Buy Nowe: $12

Tumi Global Locator


If recent headlines are any indication, airlines can sometimes be an absolute shitshow. Passengers get dragged off planes, small delays turn into day-long layovers, luggage bound for home ends up on a different continent. Tumi’s new Global Locator is essentially a pocket-sized, cellular-enabled GPS device that ensures you’ll always know the exact location of your bag. As soon as your bag enters the cargo hold, the Global Locator automatically goes into airplane mode; upon landing, you can track your bag’s whereabouts using the Tumi companion app.

Buy Nowe: $150

Limited ‘America Issue’ Patrol Tee


From the Gear Patrol Store: In our widely anticipated fourth issue of Gear Patrol magazine, we set out to capture what makes America great. We discovered what we’ve always known: that spectacular natural landscapes, rich cultural diversity and the desire to see great ideas through to their full potential make for a country unlike any on earth. And one that we’re proud to call our own. So in celebration of the magazine and fresh from Independence Day, we’ve launched an America-themed version of our popular Patrol Tee that can be worn all summer long.

Buy Now: $30

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