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This Week in Gear

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you consult our new American craft beer Field Guide, and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

California Crown Commuter


If you’re a cyclist, runner or outdoor enthusiast and want to remain stylish, start with gear for your head. CA Commuter hats are made from water-repellent nylon sourced from San Francisco and produced in Los Angeles. Their classic five-panel shape is one size fits most, and best yet, first-time customers can get 20% off with the code mycrown.

Buy Now: $40

My Hydro


There are too many water bottles in this world. Worse, none of them are designed for you, by you. With Hydro Flask’s My Hydro customizable water bottle, you can create the only one you’ll ever need. The stainless steel, powder-coated bottle comes in seven sizes with two lid types and 14+ colors; each of the four parts gets its own color, allowing for thousands of different configurations. At its core, it’s a tried-and-true Hydro Flask — cold liquids stay cold for 24 hours, hot liquids for six.

Buy Now: $34+

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A Field Watch Built in Brooklyn


Carpenter Watches M11 Brooklyn Field: With dark warm tones and an affordable price tag, it’s a great option for your fall wardrobe.

Buy Now: $625

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Surf with the Same Gear as the World’s Best


Dakine x John John Florence Collection: Consisting of a trackpad and two leashes, each product in the JJF collection was developed in collaboration the surf legend — just in time for big fall swells.

Buy Now: $26+

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Like an Echo Dot, But Cheaper


Anker Eufy Genie: Turn on smart devices in your home, play music, check your calendar — step into the world of smart home assistants for cheap.

Buy Now: $35

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Mid-Century Housewares Without the Mid-Century Price Tag


Amsterdam Modern Mid-Century Housewares: Colorful California Modern housewares from a Los Angeles–favorite vintage furniture dealer.

Learn More: Here

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It’s Time to Slim Down Your EDC


Tanner Goods Leather Card Holder: It’s made in the USA, it looks great and it’ll only cost you $40.

Buy Now: $40

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It’s Never Too Early to Stock Up for Winter


Norse Projects Rokkvi 3.0 Gore-Tex Parka: They know a thing or two about being cold up in Denmark. With winter ahead, pick up a new Gore-Tex insulated jacket from Norse Projects now and be ahead of the game once the snow starts to fly.

Buy Now: $1,050

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Everything You Need to Know About Craft Beer


From the Gear Patrol Store: Introducing your new favorite printed thing: Gear Patrol Field Guides, an ongoing project designed to help you navigate the wide world of different product niches. For our first volume, our team’s experts explore the macro trend of micro brewing through a survey of the country’s leading craft breweries. Get it now for the price of, well, a beer.

Buy Now: $9

Reason #1 to Donate Your George Foreman Grill to Your Local Goodwill


Napoleon TravelQ PRO285X Portable Grill: George Foreman’s portable grill makes paninis and not much else. Not steaks, not shishkabobs, not ribs. This thing, on the other hand….

Buy Now: $299

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A Collaboration We Can Get Behind (and Not Just Because It’s Orange)


Unimatic x WOAW Modello Uno U1-DHK Dive Watch: How’s this for exclusive: only thirty will be made. Thirty!

Buy Now: $770

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Osprey’s Newest Bags Are Made for Neat Freaks and Gear Connoisseurs


Osprey BigKit Organizational Duffel: For people who give a damn about their gear, and exactly how and where it’s placed in their backpack.

Buy Now: $150

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Owned and Loved for 38 Years


1973.5 Porsche 911T Targa: Is it blue, or is it purple? Who cares — this rare beauty could be smeared with splotches of rust and puke green spray paint, and she’d still be worth bidding on.

Bid Now: Here

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File Under ‘Jackets That Don’t Make You Look Like a Mountain Bro’


Norse Projects Rokkvi 3.0 Gore-Tex Parka: It’s over a thousand dollars for good reason.

Buy Now: $1,050

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A Game That Belongs on a Shelf, Not Stuffed Into a Dusty Cabinet


Mr. Pip’s Double Cross Dice Game: A fun dice game, masquerading as a piece of beautifully designed tabletop art.

Next Page: The Gear Continues

Buy Now: $35

Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer


From the Gear Patrol Store: Introducing your favorite new printed thing. What ever happened to the humble field guide — that thumb-able, spiral-bound companion we kept nearby as a quick go-to resource for our latest obsession? Ah yes, Google. We’re not here to refute the speed of a search engine, but damn if we don’t love a great thing to hold and reference. That said, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest creation, Gear Patrol Field Guides.

Buy Now: $9

True Americana Home Decor


Oxford Pennant Custom Pennants and Banners: Handcrafted felt pennants and champion banners, made for discerning adults. (Not dormitory-bound college kids.)

Learn More: Here

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Now You Can Sling Your Camp Hammock Anywhere


ENO Nomad Hammock Stand: Because you can’t always find two perfect trees.

Buy Now: $250

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Premium Dress Shoes at Non-Premium Prices


Beckett Simonon Valencia Oxford: Each whole-cut shoe is handcrafted by a master artisan in Portugal from a single piece of full-grain Argentine leather. Preorder now for $100 off the list price and free U.S. shipping. — Caitlyn Shaw, Social Media Coordinator

Buy Now: $199

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Go Ahead and Wear This Fitness Smartwatch with Your Suit


Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR: All the high-performance fitness tracking and smartwatch functions you’d expect from a Suunto, in slick, luxe colorways.

Buy Now: $279+

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Olive Green Is the New Black


DSPTCH Moss Colorway Collection: A capable and stylish addition to your commuter arsenal.

Buy Now: $62+

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An Italian-Made Rolling Home


Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper: Fiat is making a big splash in the crowded public pool that is #vanlife.

Learn More: Here

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Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer


From the Gear Patrol Store: Introducing your favorite new printed thing. What ever happened to the humble field guide — that thumb-able, spiral-bound companion we kept nearby as a quick go-to resource for our latest obsession? Ah yes, Google. We’re not here to refute the speed of a search engine, but damn if we don’t love a great thing to hold and reference. That said, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest creation, Gear Patrol Field Guides.

Buy Now: $9

Start Your Engines


Globe-Trotter 20-Inch Carbon Fiber Trolley Case: Slap on some wheels and an engine and you’d have a Formula 1 racecar. (Okay, not really, but you get the idea.)

Buy Now: ~$4,500

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Anker’s Meteoric Rise Continues


Anker PowerHouse Generator: A few GP writers and editors recently tested one of these in an Airstream parked in rural Pennsylvania. And it delivered.

Buy Now: $500

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One Very Good Reason to Never Drive a Car Ever Again


Mosaic Cycles CT-1 Commuter Bike: Titanium bikes are the best they’ve ever been. Here’s proof.

Buy Now: $4,450

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Snap On, Snap Off, Snapshot


Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap: A genuinely innovative camera strap. That’s a rare thing.

Buy Now: $40

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Elevated Classics


Levi’s Limited Capsule Collection: These chain-stitched, patched and embroidered denim classics give a nod to past decades that fostered self-expression and rebellion. – John Zientek, Style Writer

Learn More: Here

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Matador Indigo-Edition Transit30 Duffle


From the Gear Patrol Store: The Transit30 is an ultralight 30-liter pack-away duffle bag that fits in the palm of your hand when packed up, ideal for times when you need a little more space. It features waterproof siliconized Cordura® ripstop material, taped internal seams and water-resistant zippers.

Buy Now: $50

Chinos as Cool as Your Favorite Jeans


DSTLD Selvedge Chinos: Many swear by selvedge denim for its exceptional softness and worn-in comfort. You can get the same thing in chinos, too.

Buy Now: $95

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If You’re Going to Race Against the Clock, Use This One


Autodromo Group B Silver Dial: Weighing only 52 grams, the Group B is Autodromo’s lightest watch ever produced.

Buy Now: $925

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Give Your Gaming Mahine a Vintage Look


PlayStation 4 Pro Slim Cover: Everything is made better with wood paneling. (Except station wagons, maybe.)

Buy Now: $49

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Clear Spirits from Whiskey Epxerts


Nikka Coffey Gin and Vodka: Available this September in extremely limited quantities.

Learn More: Here

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Make Your Precious Watch Look Even Better


Chester Mox 20mm NATO Watch Strap: A true classic.

Buy Now: $175

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One Music Player To Control Them All


Harmony Music Player: Because Spotify’s UI is not for everyone.

Buy Now: FREE

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Aer Gym Duffel 2


From the Gear Patrol Store: The Gym Duffel 2 offers spacious, ventilated storage for all your gym gear. The multiple compartments offer smart organization and its refined style keeps you looking sharp before and after your workout.

Buy Now: $170

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