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simris algae omega 3

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These Omega-3 Supplements Are Just What Your Routine Is Missing
simris algae omega 3

Omega-3s are called essential for a reason — you need them. They are crucial to a healthy and active lifestyle, offering proven benefits to your brain, skin, sleep, joints, vision, cell function and more. Consuming an omega-3 supplement is an easy way to make those essential nutrients a part of your everyday routine. For an eco-friendly and bespoke option, look to Scandinavian company Simris. The brand harvests its omega-3s directly from microalgae grown at its farm in southern Sweden. Plus, because Simris supplements are made from algae, you get omega-3 EPA and DHA straight from the source — with no fish harmed in the process. Simris offers three different formulations of its softgels: the original omega-3 supplement, a formula designed to aid performance and recovery for athletes as well as one developed specifically for mothers. The brand makes it easy to put your health first — simply choose which supplement is most compatible with your lifestyle and start reaping the benefits.

Price: $55


Why Are the Latest Announcements from Rolex and Cartier Such Big Surprises?
gear patrol podcast 6 zen love oren hartov

In this episode, Associate Editor Oren Hartov and Staff Writer Zen Love discuss surprise announcements and big trends from this year's Watches and Wonders trade show. They also respond to some of your purchasing advice requests, and talk about what products they're currently kind of obsessed with.

The Best Chronograph Watches Under $2,000
yema yachtingraf bronze limited edition

You probably didn't know you could get serious chronos for this kind of money — even mechanical ones.


The Complete BMW Buying Guide: Every Model, Explained
bmw complete buying guide m5

BMW produces cars and SUVs, and uses an alphanumeric naming system many in the industry have come to imitate.


Theragun vs. Hyperice: Which Brand Makes the Best Recovery Tool?
theragun vs hypervolt

Two top-of-the-line percussion massage guns — the Theragun Pro and Hyperice Hypervolt Plus — face off in a battle for the ages, er, aching muscles.


Shopping for Vintage Speakers? Here's What You Need to Know
vintage speaker buying guide
Allen Farmelo

Want vintage speakers to finish out your old-school hi-fi vinyl setup? Here's how to make sure your money is well-spent.


The Best Men's Gifts Under $25
best mens gifts under 25

Not everyone on your list makes the cut for a big-ticket item.


The Best Gifts Under $25 for Women
best gifts for women under $25

Who says affordable gifts can't be great?


Why Does the Popular NATO Watch Strap Have This Mysterious Feature?
fd nato gear patrol lead full
Hunter D. Kelley

What's the real deal with the extra nylon fold on the back of these things, and does it really keep your watch more secure?


How to Remove That Goofy Corporate Logo from a Sweet Patagonia Fleece
patagonia fleece
Drew AngererGetty Images

As the brand shifts away from the practice, you can extend the life of your snazzy freebie, bro.


Gordon Ramsay's 'Hell's Seltzer' Proves We've Reached Peak Hard Seltzer

Travis Scott, Lance Bass, Gordon Ramsay and more celebrities all want you to drink their boozy bubble water.


How to Get Rid of Google Search Suggestions
google chrome window with an anddress in the search bar

Have you ever typed an incorrect URL in Chrome (or Safari or Firefox) and it remind you day after day after day? It's annoying, right? You can fix it.


Is This the Smartest Air Purifier on the Market?
air purifier
Tyler Chin

The Mila air purifier is a breath of fresh air.


Could Honda Revive a Past Icon as an Electric Sports Car?
honda sports ev prototype

Honda has filed a trademark application for the name Prologue...which is, after all, a synonym for Prelude...


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