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Today in Gear: June 3, 2014

Today in Gear: Apple’s new OS, HP’s Android-powered laptop, the hand truck your back’s always wanted, a more active version of the Galaxy S5, your guide to freediving and a thermometer your iPhone will love.



HP SlateBook Android PC
Don’t ask us why you’d want to use Android on a laptop form factor — but who are we to question HP’s logic? The new Slatebook features an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of storage under its yellow and black, 16mm thick hood. Paired with a 108p touchscreen display, it’s definitely a different way to experience the world’s most popular mobile OS. $430

Apple OS X Yosemite
Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference included an avalanche of software news — too much, in fact, to recount in a mere TIG blurb. A few features that tickled our fancy include a Dropbox competitor dubbed iCloud Drive, a faster, cleaner and more power efficient version of Safari, and a suite of “Handoff” features that allows devotees to seamlessly transfer documents between Apple devices, compose regular SMS messages, answer calls from a desktop and even set up a mobile hotspot via your Mac if it detects a nearby iPhone. Ready for more good news? Apple’s also offering a public beta of OS X 10.10 this summer for eager early adopters and making it a completely free upgrade when it officially launches next fall. Apple.com

Worx Aerocart
This innovative hand truck can work as a wheelbarrow or a dolly in addition to six other configurations by swapping out just a few accessories. Combined with flat-free tires and a Turbo Lift design that makes 200 pounds feel like 17 pounds, it looks like your back’s prayers have officially been answered in spades. $160 ()

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
The regular S5 already boasts impressive water resistance, but the rugged “active” version provides the same impressive specs while adding shock resistance, raised physical buttons below the screen, bold rubberized handholds and a dedicated “convenience” button on the side for quickly accessing apps related to the outdoors for good measure. The option of a “camo green” colorway completes the Dog the Bounty Hunter aesthetic. $200

iGrill 2
As sad as it is to see products piggyback off the Apple bandwagon by adding “i” to their name (cough, Skymall), this Bluetooth equipped thermometer is worth a serious look for grillers in need of respite from the smoke. It supports up to four probes (two for high temp jobs) meaning it can track up to four different temperatures at once from up to 150 feet away. $99 ()

Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves
The world’s top free divers can spending 4 minutes underwater while diving 300 feet down in just one breath. This inspired author James Nestor to explore the seemingly miraculous sport for himself and learn a bit about some of the ocean’s other great mysteries along the way. If you’re at all curious about what goes on in the stuff covering 70 percent of the world’s surface or simply interested in besting your breath holding record from middle school, this is worth a read. $17

The Father’s Day Gift Guide
This father’s day, prove dad’s taught you well and solidify your position as the favored son by giving him something to help him improve on one of the many facets of his already impressive game. Here are 80 excellent suggestions. See The Guide
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