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Here’s How You Can Get Out and Travel This Summer
RV Share

For many, the thought of travel this summer might seem intimidating. Airport security queues, hotel rooms and middle seats feel as foreign as the destinations that they used to accompany. But what if you could still travel this summer without having to stay in a hotel or homeshare, or set foot on a train, bus or airplane? RVshare allows you to do just that. Simply input your location, dates and the number of people and you're met with tons of RV rentals designed to help you tackle the great American road trip. RVshare works by linking RV owners with would-be RV renters. Whether you're looking for a luxury motorhome or a more economical camping trailer, there truly is something for everyone. With no excuse not to travel this summer, the only question is where are you headed?

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The New Ford Bronco Has Arrived. Here's Everything You Need to Know

The new 2021 Ford Bronco is finally here after years of build-up. Here's a quick rundown of the information you need to know.

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Simplifying Complications: All The Things Your Watch Can Do, Besides Tell the Time
Julie Kraulis

Many watches can do much more than simply tell the time — here are some common "complications" and what each one does.

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Can't Afford This Famous Eames Chair? Here Are Your Wallet-Friendly Backup Plans
Design Within Reach

Looking beyond the Eames curtain.

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What You Should Know About Damascus Steel
Henry Phillips

Once lost to history, Damascus steel is now fairly common in modern pocket and kitchen knives.

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Why Audiophiles Are Shopping for Vintage Turntables
Artisan Fidelity

And if you’re interested, these are the best places to look refurbished, vintage turntables.

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5 Modern Omega Watches to Consider for Your Collection

From the Moonwatch to the Seamaster to the Dark Side of the Moon, here are five great Omega watches you should check out.

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Klipsch's Bookshelf Speakers Are a True Soundbar Killer
Tucker Bowe

Klipsch's The Fives are the first powered speakers to have an HDMI-ARC connection, which allows them to hook up directly to your TV. No AV receiver required.

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Should You Buy Crocs? Here Are the Pros and Cons
David SilvermanGetty Images

They're cheap. They're ugly. They're really, really popular.

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This Watch Epitomizes Everything That's Wonderful About Grand Seiko
Grand Seiko

No timepiece better represents Grand Seiko's technical and aesthetic prowess better than the Snowflake.

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Here's How the Ford Bronco Stacks Up Against the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender and Toyota 4Runner

The new 2021 Ford Bronco is here. How's how the new SUV compares to its closest competitors.

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Like Patagonia Baggies? Then You’ll Love These Shorts, Too

Baggies are a classic summer short that have inspired many alternative shorts.

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Apple Could Owe You $25. Here's How to Find Out

If you owned an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPhone SE back in 2017, there's a chance Apple owes you money due to performance throttling.

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You Can Buy John Mayer's L.L.Bean Hat (Just Not at L.L.Bean)

Hypeadelic is making one-of-one hats using vintage clothes and John Mayer is a customer.

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Patek Philippe Has Updated Some of Its Most Complicated Watches
Patek Phillipe

A split-seconds chronograph gets a new blue Grand Feu enamel dial and a perpetual calendar is now available in yellow gold.

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This is the Face Mask Many Formula 1 Teams Are Using
McLaren Racing

McLaren and Ferrari wore cool-looking face masks in Austria. Here's where you can find them.

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Today's Best Deals: A Great Deal on a NATO Strap, Discounted QLED TVs from Amazon & More

Our Deals of Note section, where Gear Patrol captures all the best deals of the day. You can also follow all our deal posts in the Deals section.

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