Today in Gear: Product News to Wrap Up the Week

Drive into the weekend with an update on Apple's autonomous car program, Ten Thousand's new Insulated Tech Jacket and the Timex collaboration that's simple-yet-satisfying.

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Gear Patrol Studios

Remember when Apple promised to add self-driving electric vehicles to its ever-expanding list of tech? Well, after stalling out for several years, it seems like Apple's determined to hit the road a lot sooner than most expected — as early as 2025. Revealed by tech industry reporter Mark Gurman yesterday, the plan, nicknamed "Project Titan", aims to have an Apple-designed chip implanted into a car that has no steering wheel and have all passenger seats arranged in a semi-circle (kind of like a limo). The car would be manipulated via a touchscreen, running on an OS that would be similar to the one already powering Apple's fleet of other consumer tech products. While other companies have also been flirting with the idea of autonomous electric vehicles — including Tesla, Waymo and the startup Canoo (which Apple reportedly tried to acquire) — adding Apple Watch executive Kevin Lynch at the helm is seen as a serious shift towards actually getting these cars on the road. (To be clear though, this could all be the latest chapter in a project that's ultimately destined for the dustbin; here's hoping that the big brains in Cupertino will finally get this project rolling).

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Saint New York teams up with the NBA Champion on an exclusive candle.
saint new york candle and deodorant
Saint New York

Teaming up with NBA Champion and Olympic gold medalist Jrue Holiday, Saint New York is entering the candle game with a limited-edition, hand-numbered release. The candle will resonate with notes including (but not limited to) cardamom, grapefruit, juniper, tonka bean, patchouli and cedar leaf. Holiday, a partner with the brand since 2020, was drawn to Saint New York thanks to the brand's focus on allowing people to express themselves.


Nikon's new 28mm lens looks to be one of the most versatile options at its price point.
nikon 28mm lens

With the holidays fast approaching, there are plenty of occasions to pull out your DSLR to capture some memories. Nikon's new 28mm f/2.8 lens is designed to be compact for everyday shooting; weighing in at 155 grams, it's as lightweight as it is fast. Nikon recommends the lens for everything from macro food shots to low-light cityscapes (shouts to that wide f/2.8 aperture), so expect it to be a true workhorse whether you're a serious hobbyist or just snapping for fun.


Ten Thousand drops Insulated Tech Jacket, a departure from its usual workout-focused gear.
ten thousand insulated tech jacket
Ten Thousand

While we never want to be too reductive, there's no question that Ten Thousand is decidedly a "fitness-first" brand, focusing on gear that you'd wear in (and sure, on the way to) the gym. The new Insulated Tech Jacket shows how the brand is expanding its range, going for more a lifestyle-focused jacket. It features details like Primaloft Gold Active Insulation, interior anti-odor treatment and an "Every Session Carry" pocket system that intelligently holds tech and other EDC with ease.


Timex teams with Hodinkee to launch the first dive watch in the Waterbury series.
timex waterbury hodinkee limited edition
Hodinkee Shop

Sometimes you just can't beat simplicity. That's certainly part of the appeal behind the second Hodinkee x Timex collaboration, touted as the Waterbury line's first-ever diver-style release. Running on an automatic Japanese movement and a pared-down black-and-white 3-6-9 dial design, it's a beautiful, but unfussy, timepiece. We should note, however: While this watch is "dive-inspired," it's only tested to 100 meters of water resistance; consider this monochrome stunner a "desk diver."


Introducing VinFast: The Vietnamese EV company with global ambitions.
vinfast cars

While you might not know the name "VinFast," that might not be the case for very long. The automotive arm of the Vietnamese multi-industry conglomerate VinCorp, VinFast recently announced a new U.S. HQ in Los Angeles, with plans to have production stateside set up by 2024. Currently rolling out its flagship VF e34 exclusively in Vietnam, VinFast is attempting to enter the U.S., Canada and Europe simultaneously. Get info on the VF e34 below, and keep it locked as more details trickle in from this ambitious EV producer.


Ask an Expert
best kitchen knives gear patrol lead full
Chandler Bondurant

A Gear Patrol reader asks: "I'll be cooking a ton this upcoming holiday season, and I'm a little concerned about the state of my kitchen knives. If you had a recommendation for a single knife (or set of knives, if it's not too expensive) that will hold up during a busy season of cooking, what do you recommend?"

The Expert: "I would not ever recommend a set of knives to someone in earnest. You probably don't need that many knives, and you typically get lower-quality product when it's bundled up like that.

"If I'm recommending a single kitchen knife, I'll almost always tell people to buy a Tojiro DP Gyutou. It's extremely sharp out of the box, very balanced, takes sharpening fairly well and should probably be around $150.

"If you're opposed to a Japanese-style knife (though why would you be?), consider a similar, westernized take on the same shape with Mercer's MX3 knife. I've used one for nearly three years now with minimal complaints." - Will Price, Assistant Editor, Home and Design

No, we can't 3D print liquid-metal killer cybernetic androids. Yet.

Joe DeSimone is the brain behind CLIP, a 3D printing technology that is far more advanced than the slow, layer-by-layer process we're accustomed to. Instead of piping goo in layers, Carbon's machines manipulate light and oxygen to draw shapes inside vats of UV-curable resin. The final products are solid (i.e. not structurally weak like traditional 3D-printed layers) and can be vastly more complex than previous efforts. It's about as close to magic (and 'Westworld') as Silicon Valley gets, and it was all inspired by one of the greatest movie villains in cinematic history.

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