The Rise of the Members-Only American Car Club

Wanna experience owning a Ferrari with out the headache (and the down payment) of actually owning a Ferrari?

Matthew Ankeny

There’s no denying that America loves the automobile. There are hundreds of clubs dedicated to cars. Some are very specific, like the only club in the nation dedicated to theBMW Isetta; some are ultra-inclusive, like the 54-million-member-strong American Automobile Association. But then there are car clubs that grant access to the upper echelon of supercars, let you race at historic tracks and provide automotive experiences like no other.

Not all of us can afford the annual maintenance costs of owning a Ferrari, nor are we professional race car drivers (as much as we’d like to be). As such, these clubs offer a taste of the sweet life. These are our favorite car clubs in America.

Classic Car Club of Manhattan

The CCC may be located in the city but the selection of cars they have on offer makes the Manhattan gridlock all the more worth it once you make it upstate, to the cliffs above the Hudson River. Not only is the garage impressive, but the HQ hosts parties (with a bar available to members 24/7) and dream drives across America and internationally.

Location: New York, NY
Minimum Membership Fee: Contact for more information
Best Membership Perk: Access to exotics, sports cars, classics, exclusive track days and international drives

Learn More: Here

Lime Rock Drivers’ Club

One of the most historic tracks in the Northeast, Lime Rock is also an absolute riot to drive on: the short track and lack of long straights provide constant action and demand driver input throughout every lap. The Lime Rock Drivers’ Club grants you access to not just the track and open lapping sessions, but also professional driving coaches to help improve your skills

Location: Salisbury, Connecticut
Minimum Membership Fee: $16,500 initiation fee and $3,630 per year
Best Membership Perk: Access to open track days and instruction from professional race car drivers

Learn More: Here


The SCCA is based in the dead center of the country but you can be a member no matter where you live. Anyone can participate in track days, but as a licensed SCCA member you can participate in pro-am race weekends as well as sanctioned test days. If you’re an aspiring race-car driver, becoming a member is a must — the more seat time, the better.

Location: Topeka, Kansas (Membership available nationally)
Minimum Membership Fee: $45 per year
Best Membership Perk: Access to race at SCCA sanctioned track days and races

Learn More: Here

Club Sportiva

Club Sportiva will rent you an exotic sports car or supercar even if you’re not a member, but the perks of becoming a member mean you get priority choice with the latest and greatest performance cars on the market. Get behind the wheel of a supercar, when you want, as if you own it, without the headache of actually maintaining it.

Location: San Jose/Marina del Ray/Menlo Park, California
Minimum Membership Fee: $150 per month and a one-time initiation fee of $1,500
Best Membership Perk: Exclusive access to a Shelby Cobra 427

Learn More: Here

Curvy Road

Owning a supercar full-time seems reasonable — if you have the money. Regardless, they’re high strung and expensive to keep and maintain. Curvy Road is a ride-share program in which you have fractional ownership of some of the most sought-after cars on the road. You can even enter your own car into the program to help alleviate payments and running costs.

Location: Palatine, Illinois
Minimum Membership Fee: $1,250 for three years
Best Membership Perk: Part-time ownership of a supercar

Learn More: Here

Gotham Cars

Even if you’re not a member, you can still rent the supercar of your dreams. Sign up, and not only do you get time in rare supercars, you also get to autocross them. Driving a supercar is one thing, but flogging one around a short race track with no regard for the tires is something everyone should experience.

Location: Englewood, New Jersey and Miami Beach, Florida
Minimum Membership Fee: $249 per event
Best Membership Perk: Access to an autocross track with a Ferrari

Learn More: Here

Lou La Vie

Like a few of the clubs on this list, Lou La Vie will rent you a supercar or exotic for a day, week, or month, but the company offers a little more than that as well. LLV will deliver the car to wherever the customer would like to pick it up, be it at home, the airport or the hotel. Essentially, they rent out the “lifestyle” that goes along with owning a supercar, offering VIP access to events and parties as well.

Location: Miami, Florida
Minimum Membership Fee: $299 for one day or $20,000 per year
Best Membership Perk: Direct-to-customer supercar delivery

Learn More: Here

Red Rock 4-Wheelers

Red Rock 4-Wheelers may not rent out supercars or even 4x4s, but members do gain access to one of the greatest events for off-roading enthusiasts: the Jeep Easter Safari in Moab. The 4×4 trails in Moab are the stuff of legend; access to that, and the first look at the concepts Jeep has cooked up that year, are more than worth the the price of membership.

Location: Moab, Utah
Minimum Membership Fee: $40 per year
Best Membership Perk: Hosted trail drive at the Jeep Easter Safari

Learn More: Here

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