Jeep's Next New SUV Will Be Arriving Soon. But Which One Will It Be?

A new Jeep Grand Cherokee is coming — but so is the expensive new Grand Wagoneer. Which one will drop first?

grand canyon with jeep text

Jeep has plug-in hybrid and V8-powered versions of its iconic Wrangler coming, but those aren’t the only exciting new off-roaders Jeep has planned for 2021 and beyond. Jeep teased a photo of the Grand Canyon with the definition of “grand” and “coming soon” superimposed on it across uts social media platforms. That suggests the unveiling of either the new and long-awaited 2022 Grand Wagoneer or the all-new Grand Cherokee is imminent.

The new Grand Wagoneer will be the flagship luxury SUV of the Jeep lineup. Reports say it will be a full-size three-row SUV based on the Ram 1500’s platform — an excellent place to start. The Grand Wagoneer should feature some Level 3 autonomous driving technology and eventually get a 4xe plug-in-hybrid version. Sadly, while you may get some high-quality open-pore wood on the interior, the Grand Wagoneer is probably not going to revive the exterior faux wood trim from the classic model.

The price point will take Jeep into a new territory. The Grand Wagoneer is expected to rival SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator and in “lux the hell out of this” spec, cost more than $100,000. That would make the Grand Wagoneer more than $10,000 more expensive than the current Toyota Land Cruiser, which has a reputation for being cumbersome and overpriced. (There will be a cheaper Wagoneer version, as well.)

But Jeep also has its other, better-known "grand" SUV due for a revamp. Earlier this year, FCA head of design Ralph Gilles let slip that the next-gen Grand Cherokee is set to be revealed sometime in the latter part of 2020. With only four and a half months left in the year, that means the SUV's arrival certainly would seem to count as "soon."

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