Bugatti's New Hypercar Is Fast Enough to Shame Race Cars

Bugatti has unveiled its latest concept car, and it makes that Chiron you bought look downright pedestrian.

bugatti bolide rear

French hypercar manufacturer Bugatti has been teasing that they're up to something in recent days. Now, they've announced announced what that something is: the new Bolide concept. And even by Bugatti’s standards, this car’s stats make your Chiron Pur Sport feel downright pedestrian.

The Bolide has a new version of Bugatti’s quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine that puts out 1,825 horsepower. And while the Chiron checks in above 4,000 pounds, the Bolide is incredibly light; it weighs just 2,733 pounds. For perspective, the Bolide weighs a few pounds less than a Toyota 86...and has about nine times the horsepower.

The car will be track-only, not surprisingly, and adhere to FIA racing standards rather than restrictions that would make it road legal.

bugatti bolide concept

As you might presume from those numbers, the Bolide should be blindingly quick. Bugatti projects it could lap the Le Mans circuit in 3:07, about seven seconds faster than the LMP1 lap record. Its projected Nordschleife lap would be 5:23, just short of the Porsche 919 Evo’s lap record. The Bolide’s potential top speed would be more than 300 mph, in the same ballpark as what the SSC Tuatara may (or may not) have achieved.

And while Bugatti isn't saying much about production possibilities, they don't seem that out of the question. The car has been spotted testing at the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France — perhaps F1 fans’ least favorite track — and at least one popular YouTuber has seen it in its carbon fiber flesh.

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Oh, and just a reminder, this is what Bugatti is doing with combustion power. Strengthening ties between VW Group and electric supercar manufacturer Rimac could see Bugatti reinvent itself as a showcase for cutting edge EV technology...which could be even more mind-blowing.


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