This Off-Road Truck Camper Is Built Like a Racing Yacht

Earthcruiser's newest design transforms a heavy-duty pickup into a sleek, lightweight off-roading camper.

ec terranova

EarthCruiser produces some of the coolest and most capable overlanding vehicles we’ve seen, all based on single and dual-cab commercial trucks. Their newest model, the EC Terranova Expedition camper, takes things in a more familiar direction for many of us: mounting to a 4x4 heavy-duty pickup truck chassis.

If you have a preferred brand in the Big Three pickup wars, there’s no need to change sides. The EC Terranova will be compatible with 2020 and later models of the Ford F-350, Ram 3500 and Silverado 3500.

The EC Terranova is designed to be low-profile and lightweight, with the company likening the design to a racing yacht. That design reduces the burden on the truck, leaving more oomph for acceleration, performance and towing your boat or off-road toys.

The camper sleeps four, featuring the same foam-insulated raising roof as EarthCruiser’s EXD and EXP models with a bed above the cab. The triple-layer curtain with insect and privacy screens offers eight windows providing a panoramic 360-degree view. It can operate in extreme weather conditions during all four seasons.

Other amenities include solar panels, a lithium house battery, a dinette, a full-height shower, a cassette toilet, a refrigerator/freezer, a cooktop and a stainless steel sink. There’s also substantial interior and exterior storage space. You can also add an optional air-conditioner.

Earthcruiser says the EC Terranova is still in the design and engineering phase, but the company is taking a limited number of reservations ahead of an expected early 2021 release date. The website does not mention pricing. But considering EarthCruiser's other vehicles run well past $200,000, expect the EC Terranova to be expensive.


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