Toyota's All-New Land Cruiser Could Be Revealed in Just 6 Months

The Land Cruiser's 70th anniversary comes this August, which could make it a fitting date to reveal the new model.

toyota land cruiser heritage edition

The all-new J300-generation Toyota Land Cruiser is expected debut sometime during the 2021 calendar year; that's pretty much guaranteed at this point. But a new report from CarAdvice suggests that we may now know the actual reveal date: August 1, 2021.

Why 8/1? Well, not because it's Jason Momoa's birthday (although we're sure he'd appreciate a new Land Cruiser). No, August 1 is a landmark date in Land Cruiser history; Toyota began production of the first Land Cruiser, the Toyota BJ, on August 1, 2021. (That date would also give Toyota time to let its global coronavirus pandemic mitigation efforts play out and, hopefully, avoid rescheduling the launch.)

We should note, however, that the report acknowledges the date could be sooner; J200 production is due to end soon, with deliveries expected to be complete by April. If the market grows too thirsty for the new version and the model is ready, there's always a chance Toyota could bump things up.

Will we get the J300 Land Cruiser in the United States? It's still unclear. About as quietly as they could, Toyota has confirmed there would not be a 2022 model year Toyota Land Cruiser in the United States, but in the statement effectively told fans to stay tuned — so all possibilities appear to still be on the table.

Killing off the current Land Cruiser line in the U.S. would make sense. It doesn't sell in large numbers, even at a time when three-row, off-road capable family SUVs are among the hottest vehicles on the market. The automotive world is moving in a different, more efficient direction over the next few years. Now would be a good time to cut the cord.

Of course, widespread speculation suggests we could see the J300 — but as a Lexus, not a Toyota. Americans understand Lexus as a premium brand, whereas selling a $90,000 Toyota is a bit more of a struggle for us in the U.S. And keep in mind that the current LX 570 — a rebadged J200 — sells better than its Land Cruiser equivalent.

Toyota could be bringing the J300 Land Cruiser as scheduled, which would not be the 2022 model year. Following customary timelines, an August Land Cruiser debut in Japan would push the J300's launch in the U.S. into the 2022 calendar year.

If it does make it here, the next Land Cruiser in America could also be a different vehicle from the current line. A cheaper, less opulent and more off-road-oriented machine based on the new Tundra pickup's platform could make sense. Toyota moves around four times as many ancient Lexus GXs as Land Cruisers and LXs combined, suggesting that starting in the $55,000 range may be a better price point.

For now, we'll just have to wait and see.


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