Toyota Dealers Believe the New Tundra Will Crush the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500

Toyota dealers are getting new details about the 2022 Toyota Tundra — and, reportedly, they're pumped.

toyota tundra

Toyota has an all-new Toyota Tundra full-size pickup truck arriving later this year, and we've seen the leaked photos to prove it. Now, according to Automotive News, Toyota dealers are getting their first details of the new Tundra this week...and they are psyched.

The chairman of Toyota's National Dealer Advisory Council described the new truck as "best-in-class" and a world-beater. That's saying something, considering that class includes the new 2021 Ford F-150 and the outstanding Ram 1500.

Automotive News has a roundup of some details we can expect from the new pick up. The Tundra will ride on Toyota's new global body-on-frame platform, which will underpin a new Sequoia in 2022 and new Tacoma and 4Runner models in 2023 (and, most likely, also underpin the next Land Cruiser that we may or may not get). The Tundra will reportedly switch from a standard V8 to a turbocharged V6, with a hybrid option that will improve power and torque as much as fuel economy.

There's no word on the suspension, but AN suggests that the spy photos showing a move to six-lug wheels indicates the next Tundra may be improve on the current model's 10,200-pound tow rating. The Tundra should also get Toyota's Safety Sense driver assistant tech standard and an upgrade to Toyota's newest infotainment system. The rub is, of course, that all this increased capability should increase the Tundra's price over the current model.

The current Tundra can be charming, but like the outgoing Nissan Frontier, it's a relic from a far gone time. The current second-generation model entered production in 2006; it's completely outmoded by the Big Three's trucks in terms of capability, luxury and efficiency. The Tundra coasts largely on Toyota truck enthusiasm about build quality and off-road capability.

Of course, Toyota dealers have an obvious incentive to play up the new Tundra. The new truck beating out Ford or Ram may be far-fetched. but if Toyota can get a revamped Tundra into the discussion with those trucks, that could lead to sales — and profits.


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