Mercedes Is Cooking Up a Whole New Range of AMG Models

Mercedes has an onslaught of important new cars coming. And most of them will be getting hotter AMG versions.

mercedes benz eqs

The Mercedes-Benz lineup is undergoing some massive changes. The company is bringing an onslaught of electric vehicles to market, and branching out the lineup into new EQ, G and Maybach sub-brands. And it looks like part of those changes will be several new performance cars — ones that just happen to be electric.

Mercedes COO and R&D head Markus Schäfer recently confirmed to the British outlet Autocar that its performance sub-brand AMG will produce hot versions of the EQA and EQB crossovers, as well as the EQE and EQS sedans.

Autocar says AMG versions of the bigger EVs will have all-wheel-drive, and pack more than 600 horsepower. There's no word on what the timeframe for the models would be.

Bringing electric performance cars is not too surprising a move for Mercedes. Performance will be a major battleground in the EV world; Mercedes will need fire-breathing electric models to compete with Tesla and Lucid Motors, not to mention rivals like Audi and BMW. Building 600-plus horsepower electric models on par with the current V8 combustion monsters is likely just the starting point.

Mercedes buyers also really love AMG branding. There's a reason AMG models have expanded to encompass almost the entire lineup, including lower-output models that would have just been middle-tier Mercedes-Benz models before. (Hell, even if you're getting the base model, you can load up on AMG accessories.) Even though Mercedes has a dedicated EQ brand, it would have been silly not to give super high-performance versions the AMG imprimatur.


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