Ford's New Small Truck Has Apparently Leaked, and It Looks Great

Ford's new affordable compact pickup was seemingly spotted on the production line.

ford maverick leaked production shot
Maverick Truck Club

As pickup truck enthusiasts all likely know by now, Ford is building a new compact truck that's reportedly called the "Maverick." It will be a small unibody (i.e. unlike most trucks) pickup that slots below the midsize Ranger in the lineup, and will share components with the new Bronco Sport crossover, which we really like. The new Maverick may arrive this calendar year for the 2022 model year, but it seems one lucky photographer may have caught a glimpse of it in the flesh a little early.

We've seen what appears to be the Maverick tailgate before. Now, however, a Maverick Truck Forum user has posted what appears to be a prototype version of the full truck on the line at Ford's Hermosillo, Mexico plant (where the truck is expected to be built).

One of Ford's prime concerns in building a small truck on a car platform, presumably, is to make it look like a truck and not like a Ford Focus wagon with a truck bed. They seem to have succeeded with that, based on this image. The truck seen here is rugged and boxy, with a prominent grille. The bed is connected to the cab, as on the Honda Ridgeline — a slight giveaway to those in the know that it's a unibody. But it'll certainly look like a full-fledged member of Ford's truck lineup...unless you happen to park it next to a F-150.

A compact, unibody pickup is treading new ground for Ford, but it's also a vehicle that could work fantastically well if done right. American buyers love trucks and SUVs; that's just as true for those in the affordable-car market, even if they can't afford to buy new ones. It's easy to see a credible-feeling pickup being an appealing alternative to a drab sedan or a hatchback.

There's a ton of potential in the burgeoning small truck segment, which is why Ford should have competition coming from Hyundai and Ram.


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