Tom Brady Is the New Face of Aston Martin

The New England Patriots are good, but they’re not 104-years-of-motoring-history good.


All things being equal, Tom Brady is one handsome son of a gun. He may have a perfect life, too. Despite your allegiances, you must admit he’s forged an absolute all-star pro football career; his access and influence is top-tier impressive. He is one half of a stunning power couple; he has modeling gigs lined up for miles. And now, only adding to the mystique, this all-American powerhouse has become the face of Aston Martin.

In his new role, Brady will be the focus of a new series entitled Category of One in which he will “share visualizations of where he sees beauty in his sporting moments, what he sees as beautiful in life, and what continues to compel him to pursue greatness.” He’ll be collaborating directly with Aston Martin’s VP and chief creative officer, Marek Reichman. The series will premiere later this year.

This partnership is only one way Aston Martin is lunging into their next era; it’s a cherry on top of their pursuit to become the modern sporting grand tourer brand. In my opinion, they don’t have far to go.

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