Porsche Says the Taycan Won't Mean the Death of the Panamera

Porsche could have room for two sporty, low-riding four doors in its lineup for years to come.

porsche panamera

Like the rest of VW Group, Porsche is investing heavily in electric vehicles. The company recently launched its first electric car, the Taycan; it recently upped its stake in EV hypercar builder Rimac; and Porsche also plans to make the next generation of the Macan, its best-selling vehicle, all-electric.

One vehicle that seemingly could get lost in that electric reshuffle is the Panamera. On the surface, the Taycan seems to renders an electric Panamera redundant. The new four-door EV is about the same size as the Panamera, and comes in at similar price points as the station . The Taycan even has a new quasi-wagon Cross Turismo version that corresponds to the Panamera Sport Turismo.

But Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Autocar that he still believes a next-generation Panamera could work — but it may need to change.

One way would be for the Panamera to get bigger. Blume says there would be "clear differentiation between them in the C and D segment" in the next generation and that the Panamera is "one step higher than the Taycan." So Porsche could offer a slightly larger Panamera that was definitively larger.

The Panamera could also use a completely different platform. Autocar says an electric Panamera would use VW Group's PPE platform, premium performance, vs. the high-performance J1 platform in the Taycan.

There also may be room for the Panamera to continue as a non-electric car for another generation. Porsche expects 80 percent of its sales to be electrified , not electric , by 2030. Electrified also includes hybrids. So an improved version of the Panamera's current E-hybrid could still have a place in the Porsche lineup.


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